Which is not a placard requirement when shipping hazmat?

Which is not a placard requirement when shipping hazmat?

Duplication of the “POISON INHALATION HAZARD” or “POISON GAS” placard is not required.

Who has responsibility for placing placards on a vehicle?


Does un3082 need to be placarded?

For domestic transportation, including international transportation that occurs within the US, the answer is no; the CLASS 9 placard is not required pursuant to a placarding exception found at 49 CFR 172.504(f)(9).

Is un3082 hazardous?

Reactivity No hazardous reactions if stored and handled as prescribed/indicated.

When fueling a placarded vehicle someone must always be?

When fueling a placarded vehicle, someone must always be: Within 10 feet of the pump with a fire extinguisher.

What is dry silver cyanide?

Description. AgCN. Silver Cyanide is an off-white powder insoluble in water commonly used for research and as an ingredient in silver plating. Cyanide is an optimal complexing agent—which increase the solubiliy of metal salts— because of its ease to chemically manipulate and elegant white color it yields.

What is the largest allowable total transport index of all packages in a single vehicle allowed to be?


What type of fire extinguisher must placarded vehicles carry?

10 B:C Fire Extinguisher

Should the floor liner for Division 1.1 or 1.2 explosives be stainless steel?

Should the floor liner required for division 1.1 or 1.2 Explosives A be stainless steel? No. Your load includes 20 pounds of Division 2.3 gas and 1,001 pounds of flammable gas.

What three things do you need to know to decide what placards if any are needed on a shipment?

You can decide which placards to use if you know these three things:

  • Material’s hazard class.
  • Amount being shipped.
  • Amount of all hazardous materials of all classes on your vehicle.

Which hazard classes must you never smoke?

A27: Never smoke anywhere near your vehicle if you are transporting any materials that are Class 1 (explosives), Division 2.1 (flammable gas), Class 3 (flammable liquids), Class 4 (flammable solids), or Class 5 (oxidizers.) Q28: The transport index of a material is 1.1.

What is a shipper’s certification?

The Shipper’s Certification on a Hazardous Materials Shipping Paper. (a)(1) “This is to certify that the above-named materials are properly classified, described, packaged, marked and labeled, and are in proper condition for transportation according to the applicable regulations of the Department of Transportation.”

What is a shipper’s certification where does it appear who signs it?

6 – Shipper’s Certification. When the shipper packages hazardous materials, he/she certifies that the package has been prepared according to the rules. The signed shipper’s certification appears on the original shipping paper.

What is a UN Hazmat?

United Nations (UN) Numbers are four-digit numbers used to identify hazardous chemicals or classes of hazardous materials worldwide. North American (NA) Numbers are identical to UN numbers. If a material does not have a UN number, it may be assigned an NA number.

What do the 9 UN classes indicate?


UN Class Dangerous Goods Classification
6 Toxic substances Infectious substance
7 Radioactive material Radioactive material
8 Corrosive substances Corrosive substance
9 Miscellaneous dangerous goods Miscellaneous dangerous goods