Which is the national flower of Tamil Nadu?

Which is the national flower of Tamil Nadu?

Nilgiri Tahr

Why flame lily is the state flower of Tamil Nadu?

It has been ranked first in the list of commercially cultivated medicinal plants for more than 25 years in Tamil Nadu, says a The New Indian Express report. For this reason, it is fondly known as ‘money spinner ‘ among the farmers in the state, the report says.

What is the state fruit of Tamilnadu?


What is the state flower of Chennai?

Gloriosa lily

Which is Tamil Nadu state animal?

Nilgiri tahr

Is Menon a Brahmin?

Menon is an honorific hereditary title that was used as an affix to the name of some members belonging to Kiryathi and Akattu Charna classes. It is considered to be a Kshatriya subdivision of the Nair caste that originated from the south Indian state of Kerala….

Hindu Muslim Christian
Sikh Buddhist Jain

Which is better Tamil Nadu or Kerala?

Although the landscape may be similar to Sri lanka, Kerala would be relatively a better option than Tamil Nadu as there are more tourist options such as backwaters, beaches, palaces, cultural programes, spice plantation visits and elephant reserves.

Is Tamilnadu a poor state?

In terms of poverty alleviation, Tamil Nadu is only one of eight states that recorded poverty reduction at a rate higher than the all India average. The state’s per capita income – Rs. 1,43,547 at current prices (2015 – 16) – is about 70 per cent of the all India average and is the third highest among large states.

Is Tamil Nadu a rich state?

Tamil Nadu is the second wealthiest state in India by GDP and is the most industrialised state in India. Over 60% of the state is urbanized, accounting for 10.6% of the urban population in the country, while only comprising 6% of India’s total population….Economy of Tamil Nadu.

Exports ₹3.63 lakh crore (US$51 billion) (2019–20)

Is Tamil Nadu a good state?

It ranks 11th among all Indian states in human development index. Tamil Nadu is the most urbanised state in India, and one of the most industrialised states; the manufacturing sector accounts for more than one-third of the state’s GDP.

How many poor people are in Tamilnadu?


How many states are there in India after 370?

28 States