Which objective lens has the longest working distance?

Which objective lens has the longest working distance?

Working distance is greatest when the low power objective is in use. It is appropriate to use the course adjustment under low power. Working distance decreases as magnifying lenses are increased. Do not focus with the course adjustment when using the high dry objective (40X) or the oil immersion objective.

What is the distance between the objective lens and the specimen?

working distance

What is the working distance for a 40x objective lens?

Table 1 – Objective Specifications by Magnification

Achromat Correction
Magnification Numerical Aperture Working Distance (mm)
10x 0.25 10.50
20x 0.40 1.30
40x 0.65 0.57

What is the relationship of working distance with magnification?

Working distance and magnification are inversely related. This means that as you increase the magnification, you have to move the lens closer to the specimen to achieve an optimal image. Thus at lower levels of magnification, the ideal working distance is comparatively long.

Which objective has the shortest working distance?

oil immersion lens

What objective lens has the highest magnification?

Oil Immersion Objective Lens

What is working distance of a lens?

The distance between the front edge of the objective lens and the specimen surface (with the surface of the cover glass in case of the cover glass objective lens) when the specimen is focused. …

What happens to working distance as magnification is increased?

Working distance is how much space exists between the objective lens and the specimen on the slide. As you increase the magnification by changing to a higher power lens, the working distance decreases and you will see a much smaller slice of the specimen.

Which objective lens will give you the greatest resolving power?

Oil Immersion Objective

Are all three threads in focus at 40x?

Notice that all three threads are fairly well in focus, although the white thread on the bottom is a bit blurry. At low magnification, things appear bright, and it is easy to bring them into focus. Once you have explored the threads at 40X, switch to a higher powered objective.

What happens to the image when you move the microscope slide away from you?

When you move a slide on the microscope stage away from you, in what direction does the object seen through the eyepiece move? When you move a slide away from you, the object appears to move towards you.