Which sentence contains an example of precise language to achieve?

Which sentence contains an example of precise language to achieve?

Answer: The sentence that contains an example of precise language is to achieve at the highest levels, an athlete must practice, an athlete must listen to constructive criticism, and an athlete must monitor his or her health?

Which sentence shows the best use of precise language?

Option A is the best example of precise language. It explains what makes children’s books the best. Unlike option C, it specifically says what makes themes, illustrations, and characters good. Option B and D are both concise statements, but they are not precise because they don’t say which books are written by Dr.

What does precise vocabulary mean?

Being precise in your language means choosing the most appropriate, most specific word so that your message is clear and there is less of a chance that your reader will misunderstand you. For example, say that you were writing a how-to informative text to tell readers how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

What are the precise words?

A precise word is fresh, clear, energetic, fair, and respectful. Please refer to a dictionary for precise meaning and usage.

What do you call someone who is precise?

Strictly attentive to minute details of form in action or conduct. See Synonyms at meticulous. 2. Precise; scrupulous.

Can you be more precise meaning?

You say ‘to be precise’ to indicate that you are giving more detailed or accurate information than you have just given.

Why are precise verbs good for a story?

They make the story’s setting feel more familiar. They show readers how a character feels about the plot. They help readers imagine the characters’ actions more clearly….

Is disconcerting a real word?

adjective. disturbing to one’s composure or self-possession; upsetting, discomfiting.

What is the difference between concerning and disconcerting?

As adjectives the difference between concerning and disconcerting. is that concerning is causing concern; worrisome while disconcerting is tending to cause discomfort, uneasiness or alarm; unsettling; troubling; upsetting.

What is the meaning of concerning?

: causing concern or worry : creating reason for concern : troubling found the latest reports very concerning “It’s extremely concerning that drivers still choose to give their attention to things other than the road when they’re behind the wheel,” said [Texas Department of Transportation] Executive Director James Bass …

What does discerning mean?

: showing insight and understanding : discriminating a discerning critic.

What’s another word for concerning?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for concerning, like: anent, about, pertaining, referring, touching, in re, in the matter of, relating, occupying, concerning and regarding.

What does anent mean?

anent in American English (əˈnɛnt ) preposition. Rare. concerning; as regards; about.

What’s another word for unsettling?

Unsettling Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unsettling?

disturbing disquieting
uneasy unnerving
alarming troubling
upsetting worrying
disconcerting dismaying

What is a sentence for precision?

Examples of precision in a Sentence Adjective The airplane made a precision approach for landing.

Can you be accurate but not precise?

Accuracy refers to how close a measurement is to the true or accepted value. Precision is independent of accuracy. That means it is possible to be very precise but not very accurate, and it is also possible to be accurate without being precise. The best quality scientific observations are both accurate and precise.

Can Recall be greater than precision?

Precision can be seen as a measure of quality, and recall as a measure of quantity. Higher precision means that an algorithm returns more relevant results than irrelevant ones, and high recall means that an algorithm returns most of the relevant results (whether or not irrelevant ones are also returned).

How do you increase model precision?

Generally, if you want higher precision you need to restrict the positive predictions to those with highest certainty in your model, which means predicting fewer positives overall (which, in turn, usually results in lower recall).

How can you improve accuracy in sport?

Improve Throwing, Shooting and Putting Accuracy by Making the Target Smaller. By focusing your vision on a small target, you can boost your performance in all types of sports. Envisioning a smaller target develops precision. To elevate your game, try fine-tuning your focus on a smaller target.

Do Thumbsticks improve aim?

When it comes to improving your game, while paddles a great difference, nothing improves your aim more than having the right thumbsticks. Everyone has different hand sizes, thumb lengths, and preferences.

How do I train my aim in warzone?

Practice in Multiplayer Matches The best way of practicing your aim is through actual battle. Hop in to any multiplayer modes (preferably TDM and other straight forward gamemodes) and test your play skills.

What aim assist is best for warzone?

The best aim assist settings for Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Disable aim assist.
  • Traditional aim slowdown near target.
  • Strong aim slowdown that only kicks in when aiming closer to target. Best for accurate players.
  • Strong aim slowdown that also kicks in when narrowly missing target. Best for players new to analog aiming.

Can you get aimbot on PS4 warzone?

Aimbots for Modern Warfare The PS4 and Xbox One Modern Warfare aimbot use coding and keyboard/mouse inputs to make you snap to the enemy and kill them quickly. 10% of the player base in Modern Warfare Warzone is aim botters. The COD Hack will keep you undetected when you play and 15% of the player base are cheaters.

Why is there aim assist on console?

Aim assist is a feature enabled for players who use controllers — as opposed to a mouse and a keyboard — that helps guide the crosshairs toward opponents automatically. It is added to compensate for the fact that aiming with a thumbstick is more difficult than with a mouse, a far more accurate tool.