Which statement best describes how Wrights cultural?

Which statement best describes how Wrights cultural?

Answer: As Wright observed race relations, he understood why his father behaved as he did. Explanation: Wright’s cultural perspective helps him understand the difficulties his father faced through life.

Which excerpt from Black Boy best demonstrates the idea?

Answer Expert Verified. The excerpt from Black Boy that best demonstrates the idea that Wright’s family feels frustrated and trapped in their financial situation is C. At night there were long, halting discussions about our going to live with Granny, but nothing came of it.

Who wrote Black Boy?

Richard Wright

Why did Addie beat Richard?

Why did Addie beat Richard, and what was his reaction? She thought Richard left the walnuts on the ground and when he tried to stand up for himself, she beat him again. He was bored with prayer when he thought of the idea, and writing it gave him an escape from his oppressive life.

Why did Richard quit his job doing chores for a white family?

Why did Richard quit the job working for the white woman doing chores? why does he quit his next job working for the white family? It was a matter of public pride. If he did not get baptized it was like not loving his mother.

Why did Mrs Wright and Richard go to see Mr Wright What happened?

Right and Richard go to see Mr. Wright? What happened? They went to ask him for money so they could move to live with Mrs.

What does Richard do to fight off hunger?

Instead, he visits different venues and learns about the world around him. During this time, Richard endures extreme hunger. His decision not to go home means that he can only eat two meals a day (mush at eight in the morning and greens later in the evening).

How did Richard react physically to hunger?

Richard Wright often connects his negative emotional feelings with literal hunger. Because Richard’s father left Richard as a young child, Richard’s mother could not financially support the family and therefore Richard suffered intense hunger and intensely negative side effects like stomach pain, dizziness, etc.

What is it about Granny’s religion that attracts Richard?

He believes that the meaning of life comes only from a struggle of meaningless pain. What is it about Granny’s religion that attracts Richard? Richard has never learned to believe in a religion. And so with Granny and Aunt Addie living with him now, religion is practiced almost everyday in the house.

What happens to Richard’s mother and how does this affect the family?

Richard’s life was affected by his mother’s illness in several ways. Firstly, it brought instability into his life. He had always depended upon her and after she had a small stroke he was sent to an orphanage and later to relatives. Her illness also marks the beginning of a series of moves the family makes.