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Which statement best expresses the central idea of the text Shakespeare?

Which statement best expresses the central idea of the text Shakespeare?

Answer: The statement that best expresses the central idea of the text is: Shakespeare’s influence continues to be felt today because of his contributions to English and his timeless stories that can easily be re-envisioned for modern times.

What is William Shakespeare legacy?

Close this window. William Shakespeare is one of the most famous and prolific writers in the history of English. His plays include perennial classics like “Romeo and Juliet,” “Hamlet,” “Macbeth,” “The Tempest,” “Julius Caesar,” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and he coined many now-common expressions and words.

What challenges did Shakespeare face?

Challenges William Shakespeare Experienced During His Writing Career. When William Shakespeare first started writing, He had problems with two fires that almost wiped out his house. He was forced to get married quickly. He had problems finding good actors, and later experienced writer’s block.

What was Shakespeare’s most famous piece of work?

10 most famous works of Shakespeare

  1. 1 – Romeo and Juliet (1595)
  2. 2 – The Merchant of Venice (1595-96)
  3. 3 – Henry V (1597-99)
  4. 4 – Much Ado About Nothing (1598)
  5. 5 – Hamlet (1601)
  6. 6 – Three Kings Night (1601-02)
  7. 7 – Othello (1603-04)
  8. 8 – King Lear (1605-06)

Who was the Bard Commonlit?

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare is England’s most celebrated dramatist and poet. His works have been translated into 80 languages, including Star Trek’s Klingon. He helped shape the English we use today, introducing up to 300 words and dozens of well-known phrases.

What contributed to William Shakespeare’s success as a playwright and poet?

Hover for more information. Shakespeare is famous because he wrote some great stories. People love stories above all else. One of the reasons his plays are so popular is because he wrote about kings and queens, and big lives have room for big tragedies.

What was Shakespeare’s purpose for writing?

William Shakespeare started writing plays because he realized that he had the potential to be a great playwrighter. He also enjoyed theater and he realized that he could also act in them. His plays attracted a lot of interest and he had the theaters thronging with audiences back in 16th century.

Why is Shakespeare considered the greatest writer ever?

Why does the world regard William Shakespeare as one of the greatest playwrights in history? First, because he was supremely gifted at selecting the right words and arranging them into convincing representations of reality in all its forms, material and immaterial. His verbal dexterity was nothing short of amazing.

Who is considered the greatest writer of all time?


  • Leo Tolstoy — 327.
  • William Shakespeare — 293.
  • James Joyce — 194.
  • Vladimir Nabokov — 190.
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky — 177.
  • William Faulkner — 173.
  • Charles Dickens — 168.
  • Anton Chekhov — 165.

Who is called the father of English drama?


What kind of text is the work of Shakespeare?

His early plays were primarily comedies and histories and are regarded as some of the best work produced in these genres. He then wrote mainly tragedies until 1608, among them Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth, all considered to be among the finest works in the English language.

How do you write in Shakespearean?

Method 1: Writing a Shakespearean Sonnet

  1. Use the Shakespearean rhyme scheme.
  2. Write your lines in iambic pentameter.
  3. Vary your meter from time to time.
  4. Follow the Shakespearean sonnet’s stanzaic structure.
  5. Develop your stanzas thoughtfully.
  6. Choose your subject matter carefully.
  7. Write your Shakespearean sonnet.

What is the average vocabulary?

According to lexicographer and dictionary expert Susie Dent, “the average active vocabulary of an adult English speaker is around 20,000 words, while his passive vocabulary is around 40,000 words.”

How many English words do you need to know to be fluent?

Those who know 1,000 to 3,000 words can carry on everyday conversations. Knowing 4,000 to 10,000 words makes people advanced language users while knowing more than 10,000 words puts them at the fluent or native-speaker levels.

Is our vocabulary shrinking?

A recent study indicates that the average American’s vocabulary is shrinking at a rate of 573 words per day due to the use of emojis. “That’s right,” confirmed Joe Broman, a Stanford PhD candidate whose thesis: A ? >(? x 10) Words — is the basis for the study.

What is poor vocabulary?

Someone with a poor vocabulary is necessarily illiterate or has had elementary instruction – in other words they are abecedary or abecedarian. ( OED)

Who had the largest vocabulary?

1. Eminem (8,818 unique words); 2. Jay Z (6,899);