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Which theme does this passage from The Hobbit develop?

Which theme does this passage from The Hobbit develop?

not being afraid

Which theme does this quotation from Thorin in The Hobbit support?

“But none of our gold shall thieves take or the violent carry off while we are alive.” Which theme does this quotation from Thorin support? Perseverance pays off in the end. One may have more strength within himself than he realizes.

Why does Bilbo climb to Ravenhill?

What does Bilbo see just before getting hit on the head and passing out? Why does Bilbo climb to Ravenhill during the Battle of Five Armies? Because it is a better place from which to escape danger and because he wants to fight with the elves. Which is not a theme in The Hobbit?

What evidence is there that Bilbo Baggins hasn’t been dreaming about a party?

What evidence is there that Bilbo Baggins hasn’t just been dreaming about a party? There were thirteen dirty dishes and there was a mess, which meant that the events of the night before had indeed happened. Also all the pots and pans had been used.

What did Gandalf and Thorin each take from the cave?

What did Gandalf, Thorin, and Bilbo take from the trolls’ cave? Gandalf and Thorin each took swords with jeweled hilts. Bilbo took a knife in a leather sheath.

What do they take from the trolls hoard?

What does Bilbo take from the trolls hoard of loot? A small knife but to serve him well, a small sword.

What values are important to the elves?

What values are important to the elves? he thought that the expedition was foolish at first, but eventually supported it. He didnt altogether approve of the Dwarves’ love of gold, but he hated dragons and their cruel wickedness more. He values revenge & the good beating the evil.

Which Valar did Gandalf serve?


What is Gandalf’s real name?


Does the Balrog kill Gandalf?

In the end, the Balrog was defeated and cast down, breaking the mountainside where it fell “in ruin”. Gandalf himself died shortly afterwards, but he returned to Middle-earth with greater powers, as Gandalf the White, “until his task was finished”.

Which detail from the hobbit best helps to develop the theme that greed must be overcome?

Terms in this set (4) Which detail from The Hobbit best helps to develop the theme that greed must be overcome? Bilbo gives the Arkenstone to Bard.

Is Thorin greedy?

Generally, Thorin Oakenshield was no more greedy than any other dwarf, but he bore a grudge all of his adult life against Smaug, and that anger grew great enough to spill over onto anyone he thought stood against him.

Is Bilbo greedy?

Bilbo provides a more moderate example of the effect of greed. He can occasionally be swayed by the lust for riches, as anyone might be, but he ultimately has a better sense of perspective, quickly sensing the hollowness of the opulence around him.

Are Hobbits greedy?

Virtually every one of The Hobbit’s primary characters—including both the heroes and the villains—is at least partially motivated by a desire for unnecessary material things. Smaug, the primary antagonist of the novel, is so greedy that he notices when Bilbo steals a single cup from his vast collection of treasure.

Are dwarves greedy?

Dwarves were often seen as greedy, but their nature gave them resistance to many external influences, including to the evil of the Rings of Power given them.

How is smaug greedy?

Smaug is a “most especially greedy, strong, and wicked” (1.123) dragon who comes flying out of the North to attack the Lonely Mountain a couple of generations before The Hobbit takes place. He’s attracted to this particular dwarf kingdom because it’s an especially wealthy one in the days of Thorin’s grandfather, Thror.

How old is Smaug?

Certainly dragons live very, very long– Glaurung had been ‘brooding’ for a century, and was still considered to be juvenile. Smaug was at very least ~180 years old by the time he was slain.

What does smaug symbolize in The Hobbit?

Smaug very clearly and explicitly represents greed; it is stated in Thorin’s exposition early in the story that all dragons hoard wealth, particularly gold and jewels.

What does smaug say at the end of The Hobbit?

I am fire, I am death

What is the main message of the Hobbit?

The most prominent theme in The Hobbit is bravery, and the transformation of Bilbo Baggins from a timid homebody living quietly in his hobbit hole in the Shire to the brave hero at the center of a dangerous adventure. It was an act of bravery for Bilbo to simply leave the comfort of his home in the first place.

Are Smaug and Sauron connected?

There is no direct link between Smaug and Sauron, but there is an indirect connection. Back in the First Age, Sauron was Morgoth’s chief lieutenant. In this same period Morgoth bred the dragons, with the mighty Glaurung being the first.

Can smaug kill Sauron?

Sauron has to make some spells on Smaug. On the other hand, Smaug’s fire can destroy power rings, but not the one ring. So Smaug has to fight with claws and teeth for destroying Sauron.

Are balrogs stronger than dragons?

On the whole: Balrogs beat Dragons, in fact Balrogs used to ride Dragons into battle. However, not all dragons are equal and not all Balrogs are equal. Smaug was rather pathetic compared to many of the dragons who fought in the War of Wrath like Ancalagon the Black.

Could Dragon Fire destroy the One Ring?

It has been said that dragon-fire could melt and consume the Rings of Power, but there is not now any dragon left on earth in which the old fire is hot enough; nor was there ever any dragon, not even Ancalagon the Black, who could have harmed the One Ring, the Ruling Ring, for that was made by Sauron himself.

Was Smaug the strongest dragon?

10 Smaug is Not The Strongest Dragon Undeniably, Smaug is the Greatest Dragon left in Middle Earth during the Third Age. Yet he is not the strongest to have existed previously. When faced with defeat, Morgoth unleashed his last and greatest weapon in the form of winged fire drakes, led by Ancalagon.

Can Legolas kill Smaug?

So Legolas would only be able to kill Smaug through sheer luck or he would have to see the gap in the gemstone armor. The black arrow is just a normal arrow so that wouldn’t have any effect.

Who is bigger smaug vs drogon?

Drogon is 230 feet snout to tail, and is the largest of the GOT dragons. Smaug is 426 feet snot to tail at the low end estimate, 460 on the large size. Doubling the length quadruples the weight of the dragon. Smaug weighs as much as 4 Drogons.

Who is the biggest dragon in Game of Thrones?


How does Balerion die?

Balerion, called the Black Dread, was a dragon of House Targaryen. Balerion died of old age in 94 AC during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen, around two hundred years old.

Who’s bigger drogon vs Balerion?

Balerion is actually 91% bigger, almost twice the size of Drogon!

How did Aegon’s dragons die?


Where did drogon take Daenerys?

He is of course referring to the heart-breaking nuzzle from Drogon after understanding that Daenerys was unresponsive. Instead, they confirmed, Drogon took her to Volantis – the homeland of the Targaryens and the dragons they commanded.

Is drogon Balerion a son?

Drogon is one of the dragons born in the Dothraki sea. Drogon is believed to be the reincarnation of Balerion the Black Dread, but Daenerys decides to give him a new name for his new life. …

Why did drogon not kill Jon Snow?

Drogon, the finale’s script notes, “wants to burn the world, but he will not kill Jon.” Because of that, he would have known that she loved Jon until the very end, and that she had been corrupted by the seat of power, and so Jon Snow didn’t deserve to die for killing her in the Game of Thrones series finale.

Does Arya Stark die?

In Season Five, Arya travels to Braavos, where she tracks down Jaqen H’ghar, who is a mysterious assassin of the Faceless Men. That is her character’s death: Arya is gone, in place of a nameless girl. But in Season Seven, Arya is reborn. After killing her rival The Waif, Arya comes face-to-face with a proud Jaqen.