Which words best set a suspenseful scene and create an anxious mood?

Which words best set a suspenseful scene and create an anxious mood?


  • nervously.
  • startled.
  • tensed.
  • uneasy.

Which line from lather and nothing else best shows the resolution of the barbers inner conflict?

The line from “Lather and Nothing Else.” by Donald A. Yates, that best reveals internal conflict is “And it would be so easy to kill him. He deserves it.

How does the author best create suspense in this excerpt lather and nothing else?

The author best create suspense in the excerpt by using short sentences and confused thoughts that speed the pace toward the barber’s important decision.

What is the tone of lather and nothing else?

Author Hernando Téllez masterfully sets a mood of high emotional tension in the short story, “Lather and Nothing Else.” He uses concrete details such as words that connote different aspects of conflict to draw the reader in to experience the protagonist’s moral dilemma.

Which phrases does the author use to quicken the pace and build suspense?

Answer : The author uses the phrases ‘usual hurry’ and ‘glanced at the clock appeared’ to quicken the pace and build suspense in the given excerpt from “Lather and Nothing Else.”

What is the main reason Torres comes to the barber shop?

Captain Torres went in to the barber shop to prove to his soldiers that he was brave because the barber was a revolutionary. Captain Torres went into the barber shop because he was suicidal from killing many innocent people.

How does the author create suspense in lather and nothing else?

In the short story “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez, the author develops suspense by establishing a lofty view of the plot, setting time constraints on characters, and showing the character’s inner conflict.

What is the point of view in lather and nothing else?

Stories are often written from a first-person point of view, in which the narrator uses words such as I and we. “Lather and Nothing Else” uses an internal monologue to reveal the private thoughts and emotions of the narrator, the barber.

What does the razor symbolize in lather and nothing else?

What was one theme that the barbors razor symbolized? A theme that the harbored razor symbolized was life and death because the razor in the barbors hands could have been used to keep Captain Torress’s life or take his life.

Who is the protagonist in lather and nothing else?

The protagonist is the Barber and Captain Torres is the antagonist.

What is the irony in lather and nothing else?

For verbal irony, what is ironic about the barber’s claim that he is a revolutionary and not a murderer? For dramatic irony, the narrator and the reader know that the barber is one of the revolutionaries, but they believe that Torres does not know.

What does Captain Torres final reveal?

When we reach the final paragraph of the story, though, we realize Captain Torres’s real motivation for going to the barber shop. This is made clear in his final line of dialogue: “They told me that you’d kill me. I came to find out.”

What is the mood of lather and nothing else at the end of the story?

The mood of “Just Lather, That’s All” is suspenseful. A military man arrives in the barber shop of the unnamed narrator and asks for a shave. The man in the barber’s chair is revealed to be Captain Torres, who has ordered rebels hanged naked and has commanded that target practice be aimed at their bodies.

What does Captain Torres plan on doing that evening?

He invites the nervous barber to the school at six o’clock that evening. When the barber questions Captain Torres’ intentions, Captain Torres tells him that he plans to have a newly captured group of fourteen rebels executed.

Why did the barber feel nervous while the captain was in his shop?

a man must decide whether not to kill an enemy. The author uses vivid details to increase the reader’s feeling of anticipation. The barber feels nervous when the captain enters. The barber does not harm the Captain Torres because he worries about losing the honor that comes with being a barber.

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