Who are the main characters in allies?

Who are the main characters in allies?

The nonstop, alternating narrative traces the invasion from diverse points of view, including French-Algerian Samira, 11, the daughter of a French Resistance member; Cree Indian Lance Corporal Sam, from Quebec; and African-American medic Henry, a 20-year-old corporal from Chicago.

How many pages does ban this book have?


Is ban this book appropriate?

BAN THIS BOOK, by Alan Gratz, Starscape, Aug. 29, 2017, Hardcover, $15.99 (ages 8-12) If ever there was a book where you should ignore the suggested age, it’s Alan Gratz’s Ban This Book. Though intended for middle readers, this novel will resonate with book lovers of every age.

Is ban this book banned?

This book about a girl in sixth grade struggling with questions of religion and her experience going through puberty has been banned and challenged in numerous school districts because the book is supposedly sexually offensive and amoral. Others have targeted it as anti-Christian or immoral.

Who are the main characters in ban this book?

In Ban This Book the main character is a fourth grader named Amy Anne Ollinger who finds that her favorite book of all time has been banned at her elementary school because it “encourages kids to lie, cheat, and run away”. She is devastated when she discovers this and decides to challenge the school’s action.

What is the theme of ban this book?

Overall, the book affirms the message that different kinds of books fit different readers. The main character is in fourth grade, but this story fits 5th and 6th grade very well, especially with its themes of family and school injustice.

Who is the author of ban this book?

Alan Gratz

What genre is ban this book?


What reading level is ban this book?

Guided Reading Set: Level S – Ban This Book.

Is code of honor fiction?

Kamran’s friends turn on him; suddenly, in their eyes he’s a terrorist, too. Kamran knows it’s up to him to clear his brother’s name. In a race against time, Kamran must piece together a series of clues and codes that will lead him to Darius and the truth….By Alan Gratz.

Genre Fiction
Pages 288

What genre is code of honor?


Who wrote code of honor?

Marc Cameron

When was code of honor published?


What is the climax of code of honor?

Climax. Kamran and Mickey travel across America to get back to Kamran’s hometown where Al-Queda is hiding in the mountains. They find Darius imprisoned by the Black Widow, the leader for the Al-Quada plot.

When was ban this book published?

How did Matilda learn to read?

By the time she was three, Matilda had taught herself to read by studying newspapers and magazines that lay around the house. At the age of four, she could read fast and well and she naturally began hankering after books.

How do Claudia and Jamie get more money?

2. How do Claudia and Jamie get more money? They find it in the fountain when they take a bath there.

Is Mrs Basil E Frankweiler real?

And though Frankweiler—and her exchange of the truth about the statue for an account of the kids’ adventure in the museum—isn’t based on a real person, her desire for mystery and excitement rings true for anyone in search of an adventure of their own.