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Who do you think the poem is addressing?

Who do you think the poem is addressing?

In Rudyard Kipling’s piece of didactic poetry “If,” he is speaking to his only son, John. In the poem, he addresses his son as “you,” while he provides instruction on becoming a man of virtue. He teaches his son how to act in a variety of situations, and how to treat people from all walks of life.

How does the poet distinguish between a house and home which do you think is better?

The poet has tried to define and differentiate between a house and a home. He says that a house is made of bricks, stone and hardwood. It also has fine paints, chimney, window glass, doors, corridors, roof and tile floors. It is their unselfish acts of kindness and sharing towards one another that makes a house a home.

How does the poet describe a home?

The poet describes that a house is a structure made up of bricks, marble and tiles that consists of doors, windows and walls.

How does the poet describe his home in the second stanza?

The poet in the second stanza says that all the wonders in the world are nothing in comparison to his modest home. It is in his humble dwelling that he gets peace of mind which is more precious than anything in the world.

What is the theme of the poem a house a home?

A House, A Home Summary of the Poem The poet believes in keeping a family together. He emphasized on caring and sharing done amongst the family members. A house is made up of bricks, stone and hard woods having windows, doors, chimneys.

Who did the dog choose as his first master?

Answer: He chose the wolf as his first master. He left the wolf as his master because the wolf was scared of the bear. The dog wanted to serve a master who was stronger than anyone on the earth.

Who did Patrick’s homework Class 6 summary?

Patrick felt happy and called himself a fortunate one. He asked the elf to do his homework in return. Though the elf was not ready for it yet, he offered to do this for him for 35 days (one semester). However, a problem arose when the elf told that he knew nothing of maths and history.