Who is co hosting Entertainment Tonight today?

Who is co hosting Entertainment Tonight today?

Emmy Award-winning journalist Nischelle Turner has been named co-host of Entertainment Tonight’s nightly broadcast, alongside Kevin Frazier. “It means everything.

Who is Nischelle Turner replacing?

Rocsi Diaz
It was announced that she would replace Rocsi Diaz as weekend co-anchor and correspondent on Entertainment Tonight in fall 2014….

Nischelle Turner
Education B.A. University of Missouri
Occupation Reporter Entertainment correspondent
Years active 1998–present

Why did Entertainment Tonight get Cancelled?

After pressure via a social media campaign by actors Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, ET announced in February 2014 that it would no longer accept footage or pictures of the children of celebrities from paparazzi photographers.

Is Kevin Frazier married?

Yazmin Cader Frazierm. 2006
Kevin Frazier/Spouse

How old is Kevin Frazier?

57 years (May 20, 1964)
Kevin Frazier/Age
Kevin Timothy Frazier (born May 20, 1964) is a co-host of Entertainment Tonight and the founder and owner of the urban entertainment website HipHollywood.com.

Who was Kevin Frazier’s first wife?

He went on to Morgan State University. Along with wife Yasmin Cader, they have two sons: Shane and Reece, and Tony from a previous relationship.

What is Kevin Frazier salary?

Kevin Frazier Net Worth

Net Worth: $2 Million
Salary: $500 Thousand
Date of Birth: May 20, 1964 (57 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor, Journalist

Is Kevin Frazier still married?

Personal life. Frazier attended Oakland Mills Middle and Hammond High in Columbia, Maryland. He went on to Morgan State University. Along with wife Yasmin Cader, they have two sons: Shane and Reece, and Tony from a previous relationship.

What does Kevin Frazier do?

JournalistTV PersonalitySports AnchorSports commentator
Kevin Frazier/Professions

How much does Nischelle Turner make?

As one of the top TV personalities, Nischelle Turner does earn quite a significant sum. Though there is no information on her contract details, most journalists with experience make over $100K a year. Her net worth is thus estimated to be around $500,000.

Is Kevin from Entertainment Tonight married?

Who are the current hosts of Entertainment Tonight?

“ Entertainment Tonight ” has found its newest co-host, elevating Nischelle Turner to the top job alongside current host Kevin Frazier. With the promotion, Turner makes history as the first Black woman to serve as co-host of “ET.” “It means everything to me,” Turner tells Variety of the historic moment.

When did Steven Cojo leave Entertainment Tonight Show?

It was a quiet sort of departure for occasional “Entertainment Tonight” contributor Steven Cojocaru (better known as Cojo). The outspoken fashion critic left the show in early 2012 without any official announcement, goodbye or anything of the sort.

Why is Nancy O’Dell leaving Entertainment Tonight?

Nancy O’Dell is saying goodbye to “Entertainment Tonight” after nearly a decade. The journalist, 53, announced during Friday’s broadcast that she’s stepping down from her post as the co-host of the syndicated newsmagazine to spend time with her family.

Who is the parent company of Entertainment Tonight?

Entertainment Tonight (or simply ET) is an American first-run syndicated tabloid television news broadcasting newsmagazine that is distributed by CBS Television Distribution throughout the United States and owned by CBS Interactive .