Who is Doug Swieteck in the Wednesday wars?

Who is Doug Swieteck in the Wednesday wars?

Doug Swieteck is one of Holling’s classmates. Like Doug Swieteck’s brother, Doug is a prankster: in sixth grade, he made a list of 410 ways to make a teacher hate you, and he carried out one of them on the unsuspecting Mrs. Sidman. As far as Holling is concerned, this means that he should avoid Doug at all costs.

Who is Lucas in okay for now?

Lucas Swieteck Lucas is Doug’s oldest brother. When the novel opens, Lucas is away fighting in the Vietnam War. When Lucas returns home, he has lost both his legs and his vision.

What does Doug Swieteck look like?

Doug Swieteck ( Sometimes called Skinny Delivery Boy or Skinny Doug by various people) is a boy who moved with his family to Maryville. Doug is thin, tall, and dark haired. Doug is stubborn when it comes to situations and sometimes cries in the end. He is sometimes uncontrollable which leads to bad things.

When was okay for now published?


How does Holling save his sister?

In a January storm, Holling saves his sister from being hit by a bus and gets his picture in the paper. Holling decides to ask out his classmate Meryl Lee for Valentine’s Day. He has no money and is afraid he’ll look like a cheapskate.

Why is Holling so uncomfortable while taking the achievement tests?

Holling hit Doug Swieteck in the face with a snowball. Why is Holling so uncomfortable while writing the Achievement Tests? The power went out so he wore thermal underwear. It came back on in the middle so he was sweaty and wet.

Why does Mrs Baker hate Holling?

Baker is Holling’s seventh grade teacher at Camillo Junior High School. Holling believes that Mrs. Baker hates him because he’s the only Presbyterian student and therefore, he spends his Wednesday afternoons with her alone instead of attending religious study like his Jewish and Catholic classmates.

Why does Holling do all of the chores for Mrs Baker without complaining?

Why does Holling do all of the chores for Mrs. Baker WITHOUT complaining? Holling does all of Mrs. Baker’s chores without complaining because he did not want to upset his father or risk the Baker family’s favor of Hoodhood and Associates as a potential architect for the Baker’s Sporting Emporium.

Why does Holling call it the perfect house?

There is no love there; everything is arranged to impress others of the “perfect life of an architect from Hoodhood and Associates.” The “Perfect House” represents the values of Holling’s father, values which are shallow, materialistic, and ultimately unfulfilling (Chapter 1 – “September”).

How is the perfect house symbolic of Mr hoodhood’s life?

The Perfect House Symbol Analysis. The Perfect House, the pure white Colonial-style house where Holling lives, symbolizes the Hoodhood family’s dysfunctional dynamic. Although the Hoodhood family seems ideal, Holling’s dad is cruel and selfish, while Holling’s mother is scared and unwilling to stand up to her husband.

Why didn’t Holling complain about helping Mrs Baker on Wednesday?

Why doesn’t Holling complain to Mrs. Baker about cleaning erasers and straightening her classroom? They got covered in chalk dust because Holling was clapping erasers outside the open windows where they were cooling.

What happens to Sycorax and Caliban?

Sycorax birthed Caliban and taught him to worship the demonic god Setebos. She dies long before the arrival of Prospero and his daughter, Miranda. Caliban grows to hate Prospero’s presence and power on the island, claiming that the land belongs to him since it was his mother’s before Prospero appeared.

What does Mrs Baker mean when she says to Holling that we have been wasting our opportunities?

Baker mean when she says to Holling that “we have been wasting our opportunities”? Mrs. Baker means that they have Wednesday afternoons for extra learning. She thinks that Holling is smart enough to read Shakespeare.

Why does Holling compare to Shylock’s father?

Why does Holling compare his father to Shakespeare’s character, Shylock? He wonders how his dad likes it when people go down. Mrs. Baker drove him tothe hospital and Danny’s parents drove him home from the play.

What happens with the design for the new junior high?

What happens with the design for the new junior high? Kowalski gets the design from Meryl Lee which was Hoodhood’s. Holling gives her the design.

Why do you think Mr Kowalski withdraws his bid for the new junior high?

Kowalski and Associates had withdrawn their bid to build the new junior high school, since they had taken Holling’s dad’s design, making Hoodhood and Associates take the job. She then asked if she could meet his boss, since she knew that Meryl Lee’s father was a “classical” architect.

How does Holling get revenge on Doug’s brother?

During the snowstorm, Holling saw a chance for revenge against Doug Swieteck’s brother. What does Holling do? 5A. He fully worked out his plan , he saw doug’s brother on his bicycle and when it was the perfect time Holling picked up a snowball and threw a fastball right in the nose.

Why did the discrimination against Mai Thi escalate with the finding of the class pets?

Why did the discrimination against Mai Thi escalate with the finding og=f the class pets? She wasn’t scared of the rats and people thought she ate them. Explain the following allusion “Julius Caesar’s army wouldn’t have left such a mess after crossing the Rubicon.”