Who is the actor in the Dacia advert?

Who is the actor in the Dacia advert?

actor Ralph Ineson
“We don’t do frivolity,” actor Ralph Ineson says in the opening sequence, in his well-known no-nonsense manner, made famous in hit comedy The Office, as he introduces the three-pronged Dacia attacking line-up.

Who does the voice over for Dacia Duster?

Ralph Ineson

Ralph Ineson
Ineson in 2011
Born Ralph Michael Ineson 15 December 1969 Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Occupation Actor and narrator
Years active 1993–present

Was Ralph Ineson in the bill?

He is a British actor who is best known for numerous roles on television. He is arguably most famous for playing the recurring character of Chris Finch on the original British version of The Office, but is also known from roles on Playing the Field, Coronation Street, Dangerfield, Full Stretch, Spooks and The Bill.

Who plays finchy in the office?

Ralph InesonThe Office
Chris Finch/Played by

The Office star Ralph Ineson has discussed being typecast after his role as Chris ‘Finchy’ Finch in the Ricky Gervais-created 2000 series.

Who is the actor in the Legal and General advert?

Joseph Anthony McKinney (born 12 May 1967) is an Irish stage, film and television actor and voice-over artist.

Who plays Anakin step brother?

Joel Edgerton
Joel Edgerton, who played the stepbrother of Anakin Skywalker Owen Lars in the Star Wars prequels, is currently rumoured to reprise his role once again in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, after a tweet made by MTV’s Josh Horowitz.

Who narrates the Advil commercial?

Matthew Charles Berry (born 2 May 1974) is an English actor, comedian, musician and writer.

Who narrates Motors Co UK?

Shaun Evans
The voiceover is just fantastic! Shaun Evans is brilliant.

How tall is Ralph Ineson?

1.91 m
Ralph Ineson/Height

Is Office UK or US better?

The preferred tone between the two shows is of course a matter of preference, but the US version gained a big following much sooner than the UK version and tone probably had something to do with it. The US version of the show also had far more supporting players than the UK version.

What happened Wernham Hogg?

The building itself, Crossbow House, was demolished in 2013, with Ricky Gervais expressing his sadness on Twitter when builders moved in to tear it down. Fans of the show had reportedly made pilgrimages to the site around the time of the demolition, according to the BBC.

Who is the little boy in Legal and General advert?

He’s played by Jude Riordan from St Helens, Merseyside.

What kind of TV shows does Ralph Ineson do?

He has narrated TV programmes Licence to Drill, Salvage Hunters on the Discovery Channel, the 2010 Sky TV series Inside Gatwick, the BBC1 series Claimed and Shamed . In the 2012–13 BBC Radio 4 dramatisations of the ten Martin Beck police novels by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, Ineson played policeman Gunvald Larsson .

Who is Ralph Ineson in Game of Thrones?

He played Frank Monk in series 7 of Waking The Dead in the episode “Wounds”. He played Dagmer Cleftjaw in the second season of HBO ‘s Game of Thrones. He also appeared in an Imperial Leather advert as a fireman. Ineson had a minor role in the fifth and sixth series of BBC drama Waterloo Road in 2009 playing the role of Jon Fry.

How much money does Ralph Ineson make a year?

As a famous actor, Ralph earns a considerable amount from his career as an artist. He has made a net worth of around $4 million from his decades in the film industry. His compensation is not visible in the media, but a source reports that an experienced actor’s average salary is $49,986.

How tall is Ralph Ineson height and weight?

This British actor has a substantial height and weight, solid body form. It stands at 5 feet 6 inches in height. Likewise, it weighs about 75 kg. Ineson is fair, characterized by brown hair and brown eyes.