Who is the antagonist in Catch the Moon?

Who is the antagonist in Catch the Moon?

Antagonist: Luis’ father (Jorge Cintron) – He is against the group that luis hangs with and owns the junk yard. Naomi – The girl that needed help with her VW.

How does LUIS change in catch the moon?

What is Luis’ attitude at the beginning of the story toward his job and how does it change? Luis loves working at the junkyard at the beginning but hates it because he fights with his father all the time. Even though Luis’ mother is dead, she plays an important role in the story.

What is the climax of Catch the Moon?

Climax. Luis goes back to the cemetery and hangs the hubcap in a tree, to make it look like a moon. Naomi sees the hubcap and is overjoyed from the present he has given her.

Why is Luis working for his father in Catch the Moon?

Terms in this set (25) Why does Luis work at the car junkyard for his dad? It is one of the conditions for his early release from juvenile hall. means “sharks.”

What is the meaning of Catch the Moon?

“to try to catch the moon in your hands” is “to reach for an impossible goal.” S.

Why is it called Catch the Moon?

The purpose of the title “Catch the Moon” alludes to the hubcap that Luis gives Naomi. Despite there being many wheel covers at his fathers’ junkyard, Luis wanted to find the perfect match for Naomi’s illustration.

What is the conflict in Catch the Moon?

Conflicts: Luis has to learn to deal with his father, Luis has to find a specific hubcap for Naomi, Luis has learn to impress the girl, Luis needs to try to come to terms with his mother’s death.

What’s the theme of Catch the Moon?

The theme of the story is the idea of a diamond in the rough. Luis seems like a really bad kid at the beginning, but throughout the story we see him transform to try and make himself a better person by searching and organizing all of the hubcaps.

Who is the protagonist in Catch the Moon?

Luis Cintrón

What does the hubcap symbolize in Catch the Moon?

waited to give her the first good thing he had given anyone in a long time. For Luis, finding the wheel cover is a kind of healing. It is his way of carrying on his mother’s memory by making her proud of him.

How does Luis’s attitude toward his father change during the story?

He understands why his father keeps himself so busy and in doing something good (like finding the hubcap for Naomi’s car), he begins to find his old self again. Moreover, he feels good about organizing the hubcaps and actually wants to clean them and build a display for his father.

How does Luis’s mother’s death influence his behavior and emotions in different ways in the story?

Luis’s mother’s death influences him in all aspects throughout the story. But, as the story develops, her death motivates him on his quest to find the perfect wheel cover to give to Naomi. It also plays a role in the relationship with his father and he learns not to take himfor granted in the end.

What feelings do you think Luis expresses when he stands on top of the hubcaps and yells?

Answer: He expresses sarcastic feelings, full of irony. Explanation: Luis doesn’t like the junkyard that his father wants him to work for.

What feelings do you think Luis expresses when he stands on top of the hubcaps and yells Someday son all this will be yours?

The feelings Luis expresses when he says “Someday, son, all this will be yours” seem to be feelings of sarcasm and ridicule. Unlike his father, I don’t believe Luis is happy with his life in the car junkyard business.

What personal qualities does Mr cintrón value based on details in the text about his attitude and behavior What does this teach readers about his character?

Answer: Discipline, cleanliness, and good work ethic. He values the little in what he does and has. Taking pride in his job and the service he provides for people, he hopes that his son will someday too.

Who are the Tiburones and what does the name mean?

Who are the tiburones, and what does their name mean? They are Luis’ “gang”; it means the “sharks”

Who are the Tiburones and what does their name mean?

What does Tiburon mean in English?

shark; great white shark; glutton; gobbler; greedy-guts.

What does Tiburon stand for?

Filters. A shark; now specifically, Reniceps tiburo or Carcharinus fronto. noun.