Who is the likely audience of Still I Rise who is the you that the Speaker addresses in the poem?

Who is the likely audience of Still I Rise who is the you that the Speaker addresses in the poem?

Write a 4-5 line poem talking about an injustice that you overcame. Be sure to include at least one literary device found in “Still I Rise”. The audience of the poem is the people who have been oppressing the speaker for most of her life.

How does Still I Rise show identity?

Summary. ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou is an inspiring and moving poem that celebrates self-love and self-acceptance. The poem takes the reader through a series of statements the speaker makes about herself. She praises her strength, her body, and her ability to rise up and away from her personal and historical past.

How is hope reflected in the poem Still I Rise?

Like the moon, sun, and tide, the speaker knows that her hope will always soar high with a constancy resembling these natural images. Regardless of the lies that are told about her or the efforts of others to “trod [her] in the very dirt,” she will bounce back with hope and rise above every difficult situation.

Does my sexiness upset you does it come as a surprise Meaning?

When the speaker asks, “Does my sexiness upset you?” she is talking about being held back by men, or even by other women. She is proud of who she is, and does not hide it. This makes some uncomfortable, or surpises them, including people who would objectify her.

Does my blackness offend you poem?

Does my haughtiness offend you? Don’t you take it awful hard, Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines diggin’ in my own back yard.

What is the message of the poem Still I Rise?

“Still I Rise” is primarily about self-respect and confidence. In the poem, Angelou reveals how she will overcome anything through her self-esteem. She shows how nothing can get her down. She will rise to any occasion and nothing, not even her skin color, will hold her back.

What is the main rhyme scheme for Still I Rise and power?

In this first quatrain, the rhyme scheme is thus ABCB. In rhyming “lies” with “rise,” the poem emphasizes that the speaker is able to directly counter the “lies” of the oppressor with her “rise.” This emphasis reiterates the power of the speaker’s “rise.”

What is the imagery in Still I Rise?

Imagery: Imagery is used to make readers perceive things involving their five sense. For example, “You may write me down in history”; “You may shoot me with your words” and “I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide.”

How is identity presented in Still I Rise?

The poet explores the idea of identity through the use of extended metaphors, similes and personifications of her womanhood and the brutal pain her ancestors had to endure as slaves to allow her to be free and independent.

Which is considered the most important work of Maya Angelou’s life?

The first of seven autobiographical works, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is Angelou’s most famous and critically acclaimed book. The story spans much of her childhood, following young Maya and her older brother as they bounce from their parents’ home to their grandmother’s and back again.

How does the repetition of the phrase I rise affect the overall impact of the poem?

How does the repetition of the phrase, “I rise,” affect the tone and overall impact of the poem? The various forms of this refrain (“I’ll rise,” “I rise”) give the poem a determined and triumphant tone. The repetition of a phrase gives it emphasis, and that is exactly what the poet/speaker is doing here.

What is the mood of Still I Rise?

The mood of Maya Angelou’s poem, ‘Still I Rise’, is inspirational. This is because the poem uses the theme of strength and resilience.

How is repetition used in Still I Rise?

Repetition: There is a repetition of the words “I rise” which has created a musical quality in the poem. The phrase, “Still I’ll rise” is repeated in first, third and fifth stanzas with the same words. Hence it has become a refrain.

What does Black Ocean mean in Still I Rise?

Leaving behind nights of terror and fear

What does a black ocean mean?

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