Who is the speaker of In Memoriam AHH?

Who is the speaker of In Memoriam AHH?

Lord Tennyson

What is significant about the way the Lady of Shalott dies?

The Lady of Shalott dies as a result of breaking a curse by ceasing her weaving and looking directly down upon Camelot. After her mirror cracks, she gets into a boat and floats down the river, dying before she reaches Camelot.

How does the Lady of Shalott feel about Lancelot?

At that point, she feels compelled to turn around and look directly out the window to see him. When she does this, her mirror cracks, an ominous sign. When the Lady of Shalott sees Lancelot in the mirror in her castle room, she leaves her weaving and looks out the window, even though it is forbidden by a curse.

What curse is the Lady of Shalott under?

The poem was a very popular subject for artists in Victorian Britain because of its theme of tragic love. Forbidden to leave the tower, the Lady is only allowed to see the outside world through a mirror or else suffer an unnamed curse.

How has Northland been described in the poem?

Answer. The Northland is a polar region It is a very cold region covered with snow. The poem is set in the backdrop of Scotland, which is near the northern tip of the United Kingdom. This place is also somewhat nearer to the northern pole….

What happened to the cake every time the old lady tried to bake it?

What happened to the cake every time when the old lady tried to bake it? Answer: Saint Peter became angry at her greed because she did not give a piece of cake to Saint Peter to satiate his hunger. When he cursed the lady, she turned into a bird.

What did the lady notice of the cake when it was baked?

When the cake was baked the lady noticed that it was too small and she could make a bigger one. The woman was greedy. When Saint Peter, tired and hungry, after his travels arrived at her cottage and asked for a cake from her large store, she had no desire to share anything with him….

What did Saint Peter ask the old lady for what was her reaction?

What was the lady’s reaction? Answer: Saint Peter asked the old lady for one of her baked cakes. The lady tried to bake a small cake for the saint.

What did St Peter say about the greedy old lady?

Answer. St peter said to the greedy lady that u are ot eligible to be a human because you cannot give food who are hungry so he cursed her to become a woodpecker because it will bosr the tree to get only a small insect….

What happened to the old woman’s clothes?

What happened to the old woman’s clothes ? (a) They were burnt black as she went up through the chimney….

What is the central idea of the poem The Legend of the Northland?

Answer: The central idea of the The legend of Northland poem is greed and selfishness can result in serious complications. The poem beautifully highlights this truth. People who are greedy not only worsen other’s problems and sufferings but also attract untold misery for themselves….

What kind of poem is the legend of the Northland?


Why the words like away boring and rolled have been repeated?

Why the words like away , boring and rolled have been repeated ? (A legend of The Northland ) To make it lyrical. To add rhythm. To enhance their impact….

Which answer choice best describes the speaker in In Memoriam AHH?

The correct answer is A. Alfred, Lord Tennyson. “In Memoriam A.H.H.” or simply “In Memoriam” is a poem by the British poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson, completed in 1849.

What is the main idea of tears idle tears?

‘Tears, Idle Tears’ by Alfred Tennyson encompasses the theme of death, love, and sadness. The major theme of the poem is death. The poet laments the loss of his beloved friend and presents his mental state in the poem.

What is the tone of the poem tears idle tears?

Thus, although both Wordsworth and Tennyson write poems set at Tintern Abbey about the passage of time, Wordsworth’s poem takes on a tone of contentment, whereas Tennyson’s languishes in a tone of lament. “Tears, Idle Tears” is structured by a pattern of unusual adjectives used to describe the memory of the past.

What does the speaker mean in this line from tears idle tears Dear as remembered kisses after death?

In the final stanza, the speaker declares the past to be dear, sweet, deep, and wild. It is as dear as the memory of the kisses of one who is now dead, and it is as sweet as those kisses that we imagine ourselves bestowing on lovers who actually have loyalties to others.

What is the tone of tears idle tears?

The mood of Tears, Idle Tears is somber and a key part of Tennyson’s establishment of his mood is through the use of literary devices. Pathos is used throughout the whole poem to envoke a feeling of sadness within the reader and solidify the mood.

Where did Tennyson conceive the idea for tears idle tears?

Tennyson was inspired to write “Tears, Idle Tears” upon a visit to Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire, an abbey that was abandoned in 1536.

What is the significance of the title Crossing the Bar elaborate?

“Crossing the Bar” is a poem in which a speaker confronts the reality of imminent death—and finds a kind of peace in the thought of dying. Rather than being scared by death, the speaker presents it as a mere transition into another kind of life (specifically, the Christian afterlife).