Who wrote the speech of Miss Polly Baker?

Who wrote the speech of Miss Polly Baker?

Benjamin Franklin

What is the basic argument that Polly makes?

The basic argument that Polly makes is that it is unreasonable for her to pay another fine that she has already paid four times. She admitted to being guilty of the crime being accused of but claimed the law was unreasonable and stated, “I have brought five fine children into the world atthe risk of my life…

What does Ben Franklin argue is the best way to achieve way to wealth?

The Way to Wealth, written in 1757, is a summary of Benjamin Franklin’s advice from Poor Richard’s Almanac published from 1733-1758. It’s a compilation of proverbs woven into a systematic ethical code advocating industry and frugality as a “way to wealth”, thereby securing personal virtue.

What is the effect of the rhetorical questions Polly asks?

What is the effect of the rhetorical questions Polly asks? Refer to the specific example in your response. By using this rhetorical questions, Polly is able to appeal to pathos. For example she states, “What must poor young women do,” (para.

How does Woolf present herself in the opening paragraph?

In the opening paragraph, Woolf presents herself as doubtful of herself and her experiences that relate to the Women’s Service League’s concern with the employment of women. She compares this to her profession of literature and the struggles she faces at that career.

What does Woolf mean in the following description of the angel in the house?

The Angel is the phantom that represses her and attempts to force out imagination and creativity. Woolf describes the Angel as being pure, selfless, and sympathetic, but is ultimately forced to kill her in order to preserve her writing career….

What instances of a double standard does Polly point out?

One instance of a double standard that Polly pointed out is the highly-coveted position that the man who impregnated her is having as of the time that she was speaking. 9. Her use of very polite expressions and her continuous reference to the titles of the jury made her a well-mannered woman.

What is the speech of Miss Polly Baker about?

“The Speech of Polly Baker” (1747) is the fictional story of a woman put on trial in 1747 for having an illegitimate child. She had been convicted four times in the past for this same crime. In later versions, the story ends as she is set free and marries one of the magistrates in charge of her trial.

What is the origin of the Angel in the House para 3?

Research the origin of “The Angel in the House” (para. 3). Why is this an appropriate or effective frame of reference for Woolf? “The Angel in the House” comes from England which is where Virginia Woolf is from.

What does the metaphor of the fisherman reveal?

This reveals the activities of man on a daily basis, where man has to go in search of his daily bread and the obstacles that he encounters. Brown’s poem, “Fisherman,” illustrates the sad condition of man and life’s struggles through the metaphor of a fisherman.

In which essay does Virginia Woolf contest the idea of the angel in the house?

Professions for Women

When was the angel in the house written?


What is the role of tradition in the experience of a woman writer according to Woolf?

Just as Woolf speaks out against traditional hierarchies in the content of her essay, so, too, does she reject standard logical argumentation in her essay’s form. She writes a history of a woman’s thinking about the history of thinking women: her essay is a reconstruction and a reenactment as well as an argument….

What is the major theme of Woolf’s room of one’s own?

The Importance of Money For the narrator of A Room of One’s Own, money is the primary element that prevents women from having a room of their own, and thus, having money is of the utmost importance. Because women do not have power, their creativity has been systematically stifled throughout the ages.

What is feminism according to Virginia Woolf?

To analyse Virginia Woolf’s attitude towards feminism and how this is demonstrated in her books and essays, there has to be a definition first of what “feminism” means in general: Feminism is “the belief in the principle that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men” also “the movement in support of …

How did Virginia Woolf change the world?

Virginia Woolf helped to reshape the world around her, expanding access to outsiders into an insular artistic world. Her writing, lectures, and public speaking influenced society’s shift towards inclusion, diversity, and equality.

Why is Virginia Woolf important?

English writer Virginia Woolf is widely considered one of the most important modernist and feminist writers. She was successful in her own time with her writing as well as through her work for education reform. But she gained her status as an icon in the 1970s during the third wave of feminism….

What is Virginia Woolf’s writing style?

Virginia Woolf was one of the most distinctive writers of the English Literature using the stream of consciousness technique masterfully. The stream of consciousness technique is one of the most challenging narrative techniques in writing. In both reading and teaching, this technique requires a lot of study.

What did Virginia Wolf write?

What did Virginia Woolf write? In addition to Mrs. Dalloway (1925) and To the Lighthouse (1927), she wrote the novels The Voyage Out (1915), Jacob’s Room (1922), Orlando (1928), and The Waves (1931). Her most famous essay was A Room of One’s Own (1929).5 dias atrás

Is Virginia Woolf hard to read?

To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf – In its intermingling of separate consciousnesses, Virginia Woolf’s fiction is both intellectually and psychically difficult. Some readers don’t ever find their sea-legs with Woolf….