Why clouds are not falling down?

Why clouds are not falling down?

Clouds can hold an enormous amount of water. When this water falls as rain it clearly has a significant mass so why don’t clouds fall? In fact, the small water droplets that make up clouds do fall slowly. However, the drag force of the air dominates over the gravitational force for small particles.

Why do clouds look fluffy?

When the water vapor meets the cold air found high in the sky, the gas condenses to liquid and forms cumulus clouds. While these fluffy-white clouds look like soft pillows of cotton, they are actually composed of small water droplets.

What 3 things make a cloud?

Concepts: 1. Students will discover that three main ingredients are needed for clouds to form: moisture, condensation, and temperature. 2. Evaporation and condensation are part of how a cloud forms.

What keeps clouds together?

If the surrounding air has a low humidity, the water droplets or ice crystals that make up the cloud quickly evaporate as the cloudy air mixes with its surroundings; this results in the cloud maintaining a sharp boundary.

What is the main ingredient of all clouds?

There are two main ingredients for clouds to form: condensation nuclei and water vapor. Water vapor enters the atmosphere through evaporation from open water, the soil, or plants’ leaves.

How will you show that air is dissolved in water class 6?

Take some water in a glass or metal container like pan and heat it. Just before water begins to boil, you will notice some bubbles at the inner surface of the pan. These bubbles come from the air dissolved in water. This shows that air is dissolved in water.

What was close to the lake Class 6?

Answer: That’s a big forest which was close to the lake.

What is evaporation short answer Class 6?

The changing of a liquid into vapours or gas is called evaporation. Evaporation is used to obtain a solid substance that has dissolved in water or any other liquid. The dissolved substance is left as a solid residue when all the water has evaporated.

What is transpiration class 6th?

Transpiration is the process of losing water from the surface of the leaf through stomata. Transpiration helps a plant in cooling the leaves and transporting the nutrients.

What is winnowing Where is it used for Class 6?

What is winnowing? Where is it used? Ans: Winnowing is used to separate heavier and lighter components of a mixture by wind or by blowing air. This process is used by farmers to separate lighter husk particles from heavier seeds of grain.