Why did Curley pick a fight with Lennie?

Why did Curley pick a fight with Lennie?

The most elemental reason that Curley picks the fight with Lennie is to prove he can. The perception of Curley being “yella as a frog belly” and publicly shamed eats away at him. Slim’s challenging of Curley in such a demonstrative manner has caused Curley to be even more sensitive.

What page does Curley fight Lennie?

Curley is looking for his wife and seems to be in a hurry to see her. He is almost immediately belligerent toward the “new guys.” Steinbeck seems to set up Curley as the antagonist against George and Lennie. Because of this, the scene provides foreshadowing for the fight between Curley and Lennie in chapter 3.

Who started the fight between Curley and Lennie?

Curley apologises to Slim for accusing him of being with his wife and the men mock him for his insecurity about her. Angry, Curley accuses Lennie of laughing at him and starts to punch him; Lennie panics but does not react until George shouts at him to fight back. Lennie grabs Curley’s hand and crushes it.

What kind of man is Curley describe Lennie’s fight with him?

Curley is a bully, which the ranch hands knew. They already knew he was a mean person. Curley is used to getting what he wants and he picks on people, even if they are bigger and stronger than he is.

What does George say he could do if he were alone?

What does George say he could do if he is alone? p. 7 & 11 – He says that he could live and get along more easily; possibly get married; he could get a job and work without any trouble; do whatever he wanted, stay wherever he wanted.

What does George say he would do if Lennie wasn’t around?

In other words, if Lennie was not around, George thinks that life would be easier. He could also have a girlfriend or a wife, because he would not have to worry about keeping tabs on Lennie. Later in this chapter, George rants again about how easy life would be without Lennie.

What does George warn Lennie will make him sick?

When George and Lennie approach the river, why does George warn Lennie not to drink too much water? George says Lennie will be sick like he was the night before. George says that if the boss hears Lennie talk before he sees Lennie work, the two men won’t have a chance of getting the job.

What would George do if he didn’t have Lennie?

What does George say his life would be like without Lennie? He’d be lonely and have no one to share his dreams with. He’d have a girlfriend and no worries and his life would be much easier. He’d give up ranching and become a sheriff.

Is George justified in killing Lennie?

George does find Lennie before any of the other workers, and even with the chance to escape, he shoots Lennie. In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, the murder of Lennie was not Justified. First of all, George was not justified for killing Lennie because they could have escaped as they did in Weed.

What does George say he could do if he were alone and didn’t have to take care of Lennie?

They did something & men came after them. What was in Lennie’s pocket? What does George say he could do if he were alone? Lennie offers to go away and live in a cave.

Why did George and Lennie leave the last place?

George and Lennie are forced to run away from Weed because Lennie frightened a girl so much, she accused him of trying to rape her. When George tells the story to Slim, George explains that Lennie just likes to touch soft things and the girl was wearing a dress made of soft material.

What does Lennie always remember even when he forgets everything else?

What has George told Lennie about that he always remembers even when he forgets everything else? Lennie always remembers that he will be the one to tend to the rabbits on their “dream” farm. On this farm, Lennie will tend to the rabbits and pet them whenever he wants.

Where does George tell Lennie to go if he gets in trouble?

George tells Lennie to come and hide in the bushes near where they are camping in Chapter 1. He will come and find Lennie there and tell him what to do next. “Look, Lennie–if you jus’ happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here and hide in the brush.”

What page did they kill Candy’s dog?

Posted: In Chapter 3, we find out that Carlson kills Candy’s dog. While all the other men in the bunkhouse are playing games and laughing, Candy just lays on his bunk. It shows how much that dog meant to him and how much they had been through together.

Why does candy not want to kill his dog?

The most relevant answer to your question is that Candy does not want to kill his dog because it is an extension of him. On a more symbolic level, Candy knows that shooting the dog would be like shooting himself. (His dog is old and weak; he is disabled.

When they can me here I Wisht somebody D shoot me but they won’t do nothing like that I won’t have no place to go an I can’t get no more jobs?

When they can me here I wisht somebody’d shoot me. But they won’t do nothing like that. I won’t have no place to go, an’ I can’t get no more jobs. I’ll have thirty dollars more comin’, time you guys is ready to quit.”

What is wrong with crooks?

Crooks is used to being the only African-American person around, including on the ranch. He is called Crooks because he is crippled and has a crooked spine.

Are Candy’s feelings understandable?

Are Candy’s feelings understandable? Have you ever felt very attached to an older dog that had to be put to sleep? Yes his feelings are understandable because he’s very attached to this dog.

Why does Lennie kill the puppy and later the girl?

Lennie kills Curley’s wife because he ‘likes to pet soft things’. He is mourning the death of his puppy – also by his own hand – when Curley’s wife enters the barn. She tries to comfort him and allows him to stroke her hair which leads to him being overcome with he pleasure of the experience.

Why does George look after Lennie?

George takes care of Lennie because he has promised Lennie’s Aunt Clara that he will look after him and protect him. This promise and George’s moral astuteness bonds the men together. Lennie would not be able to survive outside of an institution if George were not there to ensure his safety.

How did George help Lennie?

In fact, George acts as a parent toward Lennie: He treats Lennie as one would treat a child, he laughs a great deal at Lennie’s words, and because he knows how much Lennie likes soft things, he promises to try to get Lennie a puppy and to let him care for the rabbits when they finally get their own ranch.

What color is Lennie’s puppy?

Early in the novella, George promises Lennie that he will get him a puppy if he gets the chance, saying the puppy would be “better than mice.” So, when Lennie and George overhear Slim talking about his dog’s new litter, Lennie immediately perks up and excitedly asks George to talk to Slim about giving him a “brown and …

How did George know Lennie has the pup?

George made a promise to Lennie the night before they got to the ranch that he could have one if he behaved. How does George know that Lennie has brought the pup into the bunkhouse? Lennie comes into the barn hunched over and when George asked him about it, he denied right away.

Who gave Lennie the puppy?