Why did France want to punish Germany?

Why did France want to punish Germany?

Clemençeau – France Clemenceau was angry that Germany had done so much damage to France and wanted to punish Germany heavily to make them pay.

What was France’s attitude towards Germany?

Terms in this set (3) He was angry towards Germany and resented them because France was most affected by the war (there was a lot of damage to the land, etc) Germany had also invaded France twice in the last 50 years. He believed that Germany should be punished, but they shouldn’t be punished harshly.

Why was France so harsh on Germany?

Originally Answered: Why did the French wanted to punish Germany so badly during the Treaty of Versailles for their crimes in WW1? Because France was invaded and humiliated by the Germans twice, in 1870 and in 1914. They wanted to make sure the Germans didn’t dare to invade them again.

How did France resist Germany?

The French Resistance provided military intelligence on the German defences known as the Atlantic Wall and on Wehrmacht deployments and orders of battle for the lesser-known invasion of Provence on 15 August.

Why did Poland fall to the Germans so quickly?

Why did Poland fall to the Germans so quickly? Poland fell to Germany quickly because the Germany army did a sneak attack also known as the blitzkrieg, Germany used planes, tanks, and troops, when invading. This unexpected surprise led to the fall of Poland and the forging of war for Britain and France.

What was the main reason that Britain entered the war?

Great Britain entered World War I on 4 August 1914 when the King declared war after the expiration of an ultimatum to Germany. The official explanation focused on protecting Belgium as a neutral country; the main reason, however, was to prevent a French defeat that would have left Germany in control of Western Europe.

Why was France blamed for ww1?

Raymond Poincaré and the French were blamed for encouraging Russia, for wanting to win back Alsace and Lorraine, and for wanting war while circumstances were right. Russia was blamed for its hostility to Germany, for drawing its gun first by mobilizing against Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Is Germany to blame for WW1?

World War One Essay Although Germany is blamed for World War One because they contributed greatly to the sequence of events that led to the catastrophe, war clouds were hovering over Europe by early 1914 due to extensive military build up by European nations, violent nationalistic aspirations amongst cross border Slavs …

Is Germany to blame for WW1 essay?

That is the question that will be addressed in this essay. WWI was considered the first total war, meaning countries dedicate all of their resources to fight and win. Germany cannot be wholly blamed for causing World War One, although their actions did suggest aggressiveness and uneasiness within Europe.

Who is to blame for WWII?

While Germany is usually seen as the main instigator of World War II, historians argue that England and France should take the brunt of the blame. Most high school history textbooks lay the blame for World War II at the feet of Adolf Hitler.

Why was Germany so aggressive?

By 1930, Germany was like a sick animal that was cornered by more powerful and hungry animals. Its only response was to act out. The crippling effect of the war reparations on Germany’s economy and political situation forced the Germans to look towards political extremism as an answer to their problems.

How many deaths did Germany suffer in ww1?

A summary of World War I casualties, complied by the U.S. Public Broadcasting Service, lists 1,773,700 German war dead, 4,216,058 wounded, 1,152,800 prisoners, for a total of 7,142,558 casualties, an amazing 54.6 percent of the 13,000,000 soldiers Germany mobilized for the war.

How many people died from ww2?

75 million people

Who is responsible for the most deaths in human history?

Genghis Khan, the Mongol leader whose empire spanned across roughly 22 % of the Earth surface during the 13th and 14th centuries. It is estimated that during the Great Mongolian invasion, approximately 40 million people were killed.

Who killed the most humans in history?

Dr. Harold Shipman