Why did LAN Wangji bite Wei wuxian?

Why did LAN Wangji bite Wei wuxian?

03 Wei Ying was bitten and she was so scared that Lan Wangji couldn’t find a window to vent. In fact, there is another reason, that is, only in front of Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji will let go of his guard and no longer force himself to pretend to be brave.

Do Wei wuxian and LAN Wangji get married?

Immediately afterward, however, Wei Wuxian publicly declares his love by reassuring Lan Wangji that he had “really wanted to sleep with” him. The two marry shortly after the incident at the Guanyin Temple, and they maintain a loving, passionate relationship.

Who are the soulmates in the untamed?

What sets The Untamed apart from other shows like it, is the fact that it is about two soulmates/life partners, Lan Zhan Wanji and Wei Ying WuXian (WangXian), and the story of their relationship.

Is Wen Ning dead?

In the novel/audio drama/donghua Wen Ning is dead dead and was brought back as a living corpse.

Who killed Wen Chao?

Wei WuXian

Why did Wen Ning kill Jin?

After Jin Zixun breaks his gift to Jin Ling, Wei Wuxian’s rage consumes him and he accused Jin Zixuan of being part of the plot to kill him. Ultimately, Wen Ning and Wen Qing decide to turn themselves over to the Lanling Jin Clan for punishment to spare Wei Wuxian and the rest of their family.

What is wrong with Wen Ning?

In life, Wen Ning is shy and nervous, and suffers from a stutter. After his death, Wen Ning becomes an extremely strong fierce corpse precisely due to his tendency to hold in his negative emotions.

Does Wen Ning love Wei wuxian?

Moreover, the fact that Wen Ning felt such a degree of loyalty towards Wei Wuxian, to the point others could not control him, highlighted how he could never be a fully mindless puppet even when unconscious.

Who does Wen Qing like?

The Web Series depicts Wen Qing and Jiang Cheng meeting while they studu at the Cloud Recesses. Jiang Cheng’s feelings towards Wen Qing are strong hinted to be romantic, as he even vows to protect her if she will leave the Qishan Wen Clan.

Who does Jiang Cheng marry?

Jin Zixuan

How does Wen Zhuliu die?

Wen Zhuliu is injured by a ghost, one of which severely injures his hand. Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji intervene, and Jiang Cheng wraps Zidian around Wen Zhuliu’s neck. He either dies from slow strangulation, or after watching Wen Chao tortured to death.

Who killed Yanli?

As Wei Wuxian began to fight them and raise corpses, Jiang Yanli ran through the crowd calling his name. By the time he found her, a Fierce Corpse had risen behind her with a sword. As he panicked, the corpse struck her back. Lan Wangji cut down the corpse, and Jiang Cheng held her in his arms.

Does the untamed have a sad ending?

The untamed ending was nothing but a tear jerker to make us go oh my god they are going to separate? Because the plot has always been that lan zhan didn’t stay by wei ying side in the last life and so this life he will abandon all traditions and stay by his side.

Who married Yanli?

Why does Yanli die?

Jiang Yanli enjoyed cooking for Wei Wuxian, and often peeled lotus seeds for him during their youth. She was extremely protective of him, as she calmly and rationally defended Wei Wuxian from Jin Zixun’s insults, and eventually sacrificed herself to save his life.

Did Madame Yu hate Wei wuxian?

Yu Ziyuan resented Wei Wuxian for superseding Jiang Cheng in cultivation and frequently expressed concern that his reckless actions would cause trouble. Although Wei Wuxian referred to Jiang Fengmian as “Uncle Jiang,” he only referred to Yu Ziyuan as “Madam Yu.”

Does Wei wuxian clear his name?

##### After 16 years everything change. After Wei Wuxian clear his name they choose separate way. Everyone has their own task, their own life, their own way. Fate make them meet and fate make them separate.