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Why did Silas believe that BOD should stay in the graveyard?

Why did Silas believe that BOD should stay in the graveyard?

Silas believed that Bod should stay in the graveyard because the dead could not keep him safe in the world of the living. Bod convinced Silas that he should attend school by pointing out that if he was ever to survive in the world of the living, he needed to learn from the living.

What is Silas in The Graveyard Book?

Silas is Bod’s guardian. He takes care of all of Bod’s basic needs, like food and shelter. He’s also Bod’s idol – the guy Bod looks up to, and will always look up to above all others. Silas isn’t dead, but he isn’t alive either.

Is the Graveyard book middle grade?

The 10th anniversary edition of The Graveyard Book includes a foreword by Margaret Atwood as well as sketches from the illustrator, handwritten drafts, and Neil Gaiman’s Newbery acceptance speech. This middle grade novel is an excellent choice for tween readers in grades 5 to 6, especially during homeschooling.

What age is the graveyard book for?

This fantasy book is predominantly aimed at children aged 9 – 12 and I think perhaps less advanced readers would struggle with it, vocabulary wise but would certainly enjoy the pace of the story.

What is the main problem in the graveyard book?

There is an internal conflict for Bod because he feels a connection to both the graveyard and the outside human world. He knows a lot about the graveyard but yearns to know more about the living world.

What lesson did Lupescu teach bod?

Miss Lupescu wasn’t only feeding Bod’s body with home-cooked, high-nutrition food, she was also teaching him discipline and practical knowledge. She told him about all the kinds of “people” in the world, including ghouls and Hounds of God. She also taught him ways to call for help in every language in the world.

Who was the lady in GREY?

The Lady on the Grey is a mythical woman on a big white horse. She comes for people when they die and takes them to their death on the back of her horse. All the ghosts respect her and fear her, so when she encourages the graveyard’s residents to take Bod in, they listen. Bod dances with her during the Macabray.

Why was Silas doubtful that BOD would ever see Scarlett again what parting thought did Scarlett leave with bod?

Q. Why was Silas doubtful Bod would ever see Scarlett again? Because Scarlett got hurt by the Sleer and her parents blamed Bod. Because Scarlett was reported as missing to the police and her parents blamed visiting the graveyard.

What does BOD steal from the Sleer?

One day, Bod and Scarlett pay a visit to the oldest resident of the graveyard, a strange snakey creature called the Sleer, which guards a treasure: a brooch, a cup, and a knife.