Why do we use Enjambment?

Why do we use Enjambment?

By allowing a thought to overflow across lines, enjambment creates fluidity and brings a prose-like quality to poetry, Poets use literary devices like enjambment to: Add complexity. Enjambment builds a more complex narrative within a poem by fleshing out a thought instead of confining it to one line..

What is the underlying idea of the poem?

The poem resolves around the theme that human emotions can be destructive when we lose our control over them at some point of our life. They can destroy our conscience and lead us to problems, conflicts and grudges. Fire represents desire and Ice represents hate.

Can hatred destroy the world *?

Answer: yes ofcourse hatred can destroy the world as the poet also said that if the world had to perish twice so Ice would suffice if people start hating each other so there would be a time when this hate would make them a beast who can kill others.

How will fire and ice destroy the world?

Answer: According to the poet, the world will end due to the ‘fire’, which symbolises desire. But if the world had to end twice then it will be due to the hatred symbolised by ‘ice’. This hatred will end the world one day.

What is the message of the poem Fire and Ice in 100 words?

The poem Fire and Ice by Robert Frost is a metaphor for human feelings of desires and hatred. Fire represents burning desires while ice on the other hand depicts ice cold hatred. It tells us about how we humans will be the end of our own race.

What deep meaning does fire and ice carry in it?

The poem tells that the possible idea of the destruction of the world would be through fire (desire) or ice (hatred). The poet, through this poem, wants to convey that selfish desires and hatred holds the power in it to destroy the whole world. The meaning of the poem is that humans can be self-destructive.

What does the poet compare fire with?

Answer. he compares fire by desire , anger ,devastation. Answer:The poet compared the ‘fire’ in this poem with desire. Because, fire is something that burn everything.

What is the central idea of the poem Fire and Ice?

Central Idea of the Poem The theme of the poem is the age-old question. The question is whether the world will end in fire or in ice. The poet decides that any of the two options would achieve its purpose sufficiently well.