Why does Aunt Georgiana not want to leave the concert hall?

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Why does Aunt Georgiana not want to leave the concert hall?

Why does Aunt Georgiana never want to leave the concert? She hates her lifestyle in the frontier and wishes she could return to her former way of life. It is strong enough to make her abandon her former life and live out in the West.

What point of view is a Wagner Matinee?

In this story, written in first-person point of view, the narrator is limited in his knowledge.

Why is Aunt Georgiana visiting the city?

Why is Aunt Georgiana visiting the city? She had been She had been left a small inheritance by a bachelor relative and had to go settle the estate. She was performing in a play.

Where did Clark take his aunt?


Who is Clark in A Wagner Matinee?

“A Wagner Matinee” by Willa Cather utilizes the protagonist as the narrator. Clark is a young man who presently lives in Boston. His Uncle Howard has asked him to assist his Aunt Georgiana who has traveled from their farm in Nebraska to Boston business.

How does Dexter feel about his background?

Dexter both celebrates and denies his middle-class background, and he himself ultimately becomes the obstacle that stands in the way of the personal happiness he seeks. Dexter is unable to resolve this essential conflict of identity.

What does aunt Georgiana do and say at the end of the concert?

When it is time to leave the concert hall, Aunt Georgiana starts crying and says, “I don’t want to go!” at the end of “A Wagner Matinee”, because (A) She must leave music behind and return to the silent fields and routine chores of her Nebraska farm.

Why does Aunt Georgiana cry at the concert?

Why does Aunt Georgiana cry during the concert? because she remembers how important music is to her. because she knows he has been enjoying the benefits of Boston’s culture while she has sacrificed her old life to live in Nebraska; he sympathizes with her because she had inspired a love of music in him.

Why does Aunt Georgiana travel to Boston in a Wagner Matinee?

Why does Aunt Georgiana travel to Boston? She traveled to Boston to attend the settling of a estate owned by a bachelor relative.

Why does Clark come to live with Aunt Georgiana as a boy?

Why did Aunt Georgiana help Clark so much when he was a young boy? She wanted him to get out of Nebraska and be successful in life. -Aunt Georgiana is stuck in Nebraska, taking care of her family and her farm for the rest of her life.

Why did Aunt Georgiana give up music?

At the end, Aunt Georgiana told Clark that she did not want to leave. Having experienced the world of music again did not want to return to the world of cows, corn, and snakes. Aunt Georgiana gave up her career in music in getting married and moving to Nebraska.

How do Clark’s feelings toward his aunt change during the story?

f. How do Clark’s feelings toward his aunt change during the story? – At first he feels like he barely knows her and that she is a stranger but towards the end of the story he starts to realise that he just needed to spend some time with her to realise how he exactly feels about his aunt.

Would you think of Aunt Georgiana differently if the story were from her point of view?

Would you think of Aunt Georgiana differently if the story were from her point of view? Explain. Yes, because I would’ve been able to hear her thoughts and what she thinks of certain things.

How does Clark expect his aunt to react to the concert?

When he is told that the aunt is coming to Boston, Clark feels trepidation because of the long time that has passed. Clark decides to treat his aunt to a Wagner concert because she probably has not been able to hear this kind of music since she moved to Nebraska.

Why did Clark’s aunt Georgiana warn him not to love something too much or it might be taken from him in a Wagner Matinee?

Answer: Aunt Georgina warned him not to love too much or it might be taken from him because she did not want history to repeat itself, she spoke from personal experience, she see music as a life lost to her. she loves music but does not want Clark to go through what she experienced.

What is the central idea of a Wagner Matinee?

Lesson Summary A matinee symphony performance shows us the themes of regret and loss, while we see how hardships have impacted Aunt Georgiana’s life.

When Clark was a boy What subjects did he learn from Georgina?

When he was a boy, Aunt Georgina taught Clark the subjects of Latin, Literature (namely Shakespeare and mythology), and Music (specifically how to play the organ that her husband had bought for her).

Why does Georgiana move to Nebraska?

In “The Wagner Matinee,” Aunt Georgiana moved to Nebraska for the purpose of an elopement. When she was younger she worked as a music teacher in Boston but spent one summer in a small village in Nebraska, where she met Howard Carpenter.

What did aunt Georgiana look like?

-His uncle’s wife (Clark’s Aunt Georgiana) had to arrange paperwork in Boston, in order to obtain the lands her relative had left her when he’d passed away. What did Aunt Georgiana look like? -Shoulders bent together over sunken chest.

What does aunt Georgiana do when the violins start playing?

When the violins start playing the Pilgrim’s chorus, Aunt Georgiana starts to cry. Aunt Georgiana doesn’t want to leave when the concert ends. She says, “I don’t want to go, Clark, I don’t want to go!” (Cather, paragraph 23). In this story, Clark takes his Aunt Georgiana to the orchestra while she is in Boston.

What does aunt Georgiana mean when she says don’t love it so well Clark or it may be taken from you?

In Clark’s opinion, Aunt Georgiana has been damaged and downtrodden by years on the Nebraska prairie. “Don’t love it so well, Clark, or it may be taken from you. It reveals a martyr-like aspect to her character, suggesting that she deeply feels the pain of her sacrifice in moving with her husband to Nebraska.

Why Does the opera have such a powerful effect on aunt Georgiana?

The opera has such a powerful effect on her because it reminded her of her old life and it awakened her to how long she had been cut off from the world.

Who is the narrator and why does he feel he owes a great debt to Aunt Georgiana?

The narrator is Aunt Georgiana’s nephew, Clark. He feels he owes a great debt to Georgiana because she used to be a music teacher but, since moving to Nebraska, she does not have access to the music she loves. He also notes her appearance—her way of dressing embarrasses him a little bit and he feels bad for her.

What is Clark initial feeling about being in public with his aunt?

Clark is really excited at the opportunity because he believes that his aunt will love it. He ends up being correct; however, he expresses “trepidation” at bringing his aunt to the concert. Clark is worried that his aunt will feel extremely out of place in this higher-class gathering while dressed in her drab clothing.

What is the setting of a Wagner Matinee?

Late 1800s and early 1900s: Boston, the setting of Cather’s “A Wagner Matinee,” is a city known for its culture. It is a thriving venue that supports writers, artists, and musicians. The Boston Symphony Orchestra, which plays a prominent role in Cather’s story, is established in 1881.

What sense might Siegfried’s funeral march be thought of as Georgiana’s funeral march too?

In what sense might Siegfried’s funeral march be thought of as Georgiana’s funeral march, too? – The sound of it went on and on and on but as soon as it was ending, she was upset and torn apart that the play was over. 2.

What do Judy Jones’s varying responses to Dexter’s marriage proposals reveal about her feelings for him?

What do Judy’s varying responses to Dexter’s marriage proposals reveal about her feelings for him? When Judy saw Dexter she found out that he was engaged and still flirted with him and kept bringing up that way he used to feel about her.

What is the conflict in a Wagner Matinee?

Major Conflict The conflict is one perceived by the narrator, Clark: an internal conflict between Aunt Georgiana’s love of music and the harsh monotony of life on the Nebraskan prairie.

Who is Irene in Winter Dreams?

Irene Scheerer Dexter’s fiancée. Irene is light-haired, sweet, and honorable. Dexter breaks her heart by cheating on her with Judy.

Why does Dexter cry at the end of winter dreams?

Those winter dreams are somewhere in his past. Now he knows that money means hard business sense: there is nothing romantic about it at all. All that Dexter has left is his financial success. So when he mourns at the end of “Winter Dreams,” it’s not Judy Jones he remembers; Dexter cries for his own boyhood.

What is Dexter’s response to Judy whenever she reappears?

What is Dexter’s response to Judy whenever she reappears in his life? Dexter changes and redirects his dreams soon becoming lost. Why does Dexter’s feelings for Judy remain unchanged even after he finally loses her? In the end he weeps not for Judy but for his young self seeing the illusions he once had.