Why is Frankenstein considered horror?

Why is Frankenstein considered horror?

Mary Shelley created a horror fiction unlike the ghost stories of the time when writing Frankenstein. It is this aspect that makes Shelley’s work unique, ad relative, exposing a real-life fear of one’s loss of morality. …

What happens after Victor destroys the female?

Victor feels a truce has been established between him and the monster because of the death of Clerval. What happens shortly after Victor destroys the female? How is this similar to what happened after Victor created the Creature? Victor falls into another sickness after he destroys the female.

What keeps Victor from killing himself in Frankenstein?

What keeps Victor from killing himself? He could not kill himself because he does not want to let Elizabeth and her father and brother unprotected from the creature. You just studied 12 terms!

Does Victor try to kill himself?

Frankenstein is plunged into the pit of despair by Justine’s death and seriously contemplates committing suicide. But Victor’s pulled back from the brink by thinking of his family. He then sees that suicide, though satisfying for himself, would selfishly leave Elizabeth and his father and suriving brother unprotected.

Why did Victor kill himself?

At the end of Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein dies wishing that he could destroy the Monster he created. The Monster visits Frankenstein’s body. He tells Walton that he regrets the murders he has committed and that he intends to commit suicide.

What does Elizabeth say in her letter how does Victor respond to her?

What does Elizabeth say in her letter? How does Victor respond to her? She says she and Victor, as brother and sister, may not have an intimate love. She only cares for his happiness, and if Victor no longer loves her, they should not marry.

Why does Victor destroy his second creation?

Frankenstein destroys his second creation out of fear of her capabilities in this chapter. He feared that she would procreate, that she would be even more malevolent than her mate, and that she would not want to leave Europe.

How does the creature react to Victor’s destruction of the female creature?

The creature is temporarily placated by Victor’s promise to create a mate, but when he sees Victor destroys the female, he vows revenge: “I shall be with you on your wedding-night” (176).

Why is Victor acquitted?

Why is Victor acquitted of the murder? Victor is acquitted of the murder because he was in Orkney Islands the night of the murder. The monster fulfills his promise to be with Victor on his wedding night by killing Elizabeth.

Is Victor afraid when he is adrift at sea?

The creature runs out of Frankenstein’s hut and rows out to sea. Is Victor afraid when he is adrift at sea? Even though he is miserable, Victor is grateful to be alive when the sea becomes calm and he sees land in the distance.

What happens to Victor’s father after the wedding night?

Shocked by the tragic end of what should have been a joyous day, his father dies a few days later. Victor finally breaks his secrecy and tries to convince a magistrate in Geneva that an unnatural monster is responsible for the death of Elizabeth, but the magistrate does not believe him.