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Why is it important that the hunters stay on the path in a sound of thunder?

Why is it important that the hunters stay on the path in a sound of thunder?

It is extremely important that the hunters stay on the Path, because this is both a means of minimizing unintentional contact and alteration with the past, and also because it functions as a very clear metaphor for the story; by staying on the Path, one is doing things “right”, and straying from the Path implies …

What happens when Eckels steps off the path?

When he travels into the pre-historic past, Eckels steps off the anti-gravity path made by Time Safari, Inc., and in so doing, he kills a butterfly. This act has consequences that reach all the way to present time.

What does the Hunter offer to do a sound of thunder?

offers wealthy adventurers the chance to travel back in time to hunt extinct species such as dinosaurs. A hunter named Eckels pays $10,000 to join a hunting party that will travel back 66 million years to the Late Cretaceous period, on a guided safari to kill a Tyrannosaurus rex.

What does the path symbolize in a sound of thunder?

The path is the symbol for the written destiny. Since the crew insist that Eckels doesn’t step off, the path that doesn’t alter the already occurred future, then that path would be the route that would take them back to their normal lives.

What happens when you leave the path in your life how can your actions affect others can your actions impact or destroy the future in any way connect to real life?

When you leave the path in your life, others may see it as a good thing or a bad thing. If you leave the path for good, people will look up to you as inspiring and innnovative for the future. If you lead to the wrong path, your actions wouldn’t be good or bright and people tend to look down upon you.

Can the time travelers go back to fix the mistake?

Can time travelers go back in time to fix the mistake? They cannot because time prevents people from meeting themselves in the path.

Was Eckels justified in his fear?

If I was Eckels in this situation I would not have done the same thing. I would have stayed with the other hunters and safari guide and tried to save our lives instead of running away. He was not justified in his fear because no one else did the same thing he did. (Birds, Wasps, Snakes etc.)

Why is Eckels killed at the end of the story?

Hover for more information. Travis kills Eckels at the end of the story because Eckels disobeyed the rules of traveling back into time to the dinosaur age—but as we will see, Bradbury implies it is more complicated than that.

Why is Travis so angry with Eckels?

Fourth, Eckels is annoying because he has no respect for the rules that have been put into place. Travis very calmly and clearly explains the dangers of messing around with events in the past. Instead of simply agreeing with the rules, Eckels has the gall to tell Travis that the rules are overly cautious.

Why does Eckels want to go back in time?

Answer: Eckel wants to travel through time because he wants to go back in time to shoot a dinosaur. Eckels is an expert hunter looking for a new challenge. He spends a lot of money to hire the time machine so that he can go back to shoot a dinosaur.

How does Eckels feel when they return to the future?

When he arrives and sees how large the dinosaur is, it scares him and he changes his mind and wants to go back. When he gets back to present times, he is terribly upset because he has changed the future. Who shoots Eckels?

What does Eckels step on when going off the path?

When Eckels stepped off the path, he isn’t just step on dirt it on a butterfly. Because he had killed the butterfly from the past it changed the future dramatically. What is the irony at the end of the story? Eckels stepped on a butterfly which changed the future.

What does Lesperance mark the animals they are hunting?

The reason Lesperance marks the animals they are hunting is because this process is supposed to ensure that the hunters do not disturb the natural order.

What type of animal will Eckels be hunting?

Foreshadowing: There are, indeed, several hints of things to come in Bradbury’s short story. When Eckels arrives at the Time Safari, Inc., he swallows hard and “a warm phlegm gathered” in his throat. Evidently, he is nervous about his trip to hunt the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

How does Eckels react when he sees the dinosaur What do the guides tell him to do?

When Eckels confronts the dinosaur, his initial reaction is one of disbelief. He says that it is “impossible” to kill this dinosaur and that they were “fools” to come. When the dinosaur raises itself up, his reaction becomes very fearful.

What does Eckels do when he sees the Dinosaur?

The response of Eckels when he sees the tyrannosaurus rex is to completely lose faith that it can ever be killed, and he looks at the gun in his hand and sees something that will never be able to even hurt the massive and formidable creature in front of him.

What was the main effect of Eckel’s killing the butterfly?

Eckels is shot more in revenge than punishment, because there is nothing that can be done. Simply by killing a butterfly, he has altered the future significantly. It is a lesson in how actions can have widespread unintended unforeseeable consequences.

What is Eckel’s major flaw?

What is Eckels’ main character flaw? He does not follow instructions/rules fully and does not have good listening skills. He also does not finish things to their full extent tending to act like a child.

Which is the most likely reason for why Eckels chose not to kill the dinosaur?

What is the most likely reason for why Eckels chose not to kill the dinosaur? It was too fast for them to track down and kill.

Why does Travis want to kill the hunter?

So, when Eckels steps off from the allocated anti-gravity path for time travellers during their expedition and steps on to the ancient forest world, Travis intends to kill him or at the very least leave him behind as this action could change the course of the future.

How is the office sign different at the end of the story?

How is the office sign different at the end of the story? What does this tell you? It is backward and spelled incorrectly.

What does Eckels say when he sees the size of the dinosaur?

what does Eckels say when he sees the size of the dinosaur? he said it could touch the moon. how do the men know which dinosaurs they can shoot? the red paint on their chest.

What was Eckels punishment?

Who is the safari leader?


Why is everyone upset with Eckels why does Travis threaten to leave him back in time?

But, Travis threatens to leave Eckels unless he removes the bullets from the dinosaur for two reasons: They cannot be left behind as they are anachronistic, and Travis is disgusted that Eckels has stepped off the gravity path. Eckels complies because he has violated his contract with Time Safari, Inc.

What is the sound of thunder at the end of the story?

The last sound of thunder is the noise from Travis’s gun once he fires his weapon. The story’s ending is ambiguous and the reader can argue whether or not Travis commits suicide or kills Eckels for his tragic mistake.

What did some people want to do if Deutscher has won the election and why?

What did some people want to do if Deutscher had won the election and why? Wanted to go back to 1492. American would become a dictatorship. What does the man behind the desk tell Eckels happened last year that makes Eckels hesitate about going on the Safari?

Why does Eckels want out of the hunt?

Eckels wants to kill a dinosaur solely for the experience of hunting such rare and dangerous prey. Eckels wants to be able to shoot and kill a dinosaur: something he could hardly do without traveling back in time.

What is the paradox that time does not permit?

“Time doesn’t permit that sort of mess—a man meeting himself …” That is a handy way to avoid the real problem. Bradbury is trying to explain that small instances can have huge, life-altering consequences. When Eckels wants to know how the expedition turned out before it even starts, Lesperance dismisses the idea.

What is the paradox?

1 : a tenet contrary to received opinion. 2a : a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true. b : a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true.

Can these guns get a dinosaur cold?

“Can these guns get a dinosaur cold?” Eckels felt his mouth saying. “If you hit them right,” said Travis on the helmet radio. “Some dinosaurs have two brains, one in the head, another far down the spinal column. We stay away from those.