Why is the Greek Orthodox cross different?

Why is the Greek Orthodox cross different?

The slanted line reminds us of the two thieves on both sides of the cross. One of them to the right of Christ ascended to Heaven, while the other one sank to Hell. Thus bottom bar of the cross is like the scale of justice and its points show the way to the Hell and Heaven.

Do Orthodox Christians use the cross?

Current usage “Though commonly associated with the Russian Orthodox Church, this [cross] is found also in the Greek and Serbian Orthodox churches” and is also used by Eastern Rite Catholic Churches. This cross is also found in Byzantine frescoes in churches now belonging to the Greek and Serbian Orthodox churches.

What kind of necklace does the Pope wear?

Pope Francis also wears a pectoral cross, which is worn by popes, cardinals, and bishops on a chain or cord necklace.

What does Greek Orthodox cross look like?

The Eastern Orthodox cross adds a slanted bar near the foot. The Cross of the eight-point cross-stone ceremony. The Cross of Lorraine consists of one vertical and two horizontal bars. The two-barred cross consists of a vertical line crossed by two shorter horizontal bars.

How do you wear a pectoral cross?

While many Christians, both clergy and laity, wear crosses, the pectoral cross is distinguished by both its size (up to six inches across) and that it is worn in the center of the chest below the heart (as opposed to just below the collarbones).

Can anyone wear a pectoral cross?

In the Roman Catholic Church, the wearing of a pectoral cross remains restricted to popes, cardinals, bishops and abbots. In Eastern Orthodox Church Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic Churches that follow a Slavic Tradition, priests also wear pectoral crosses, while deacons and minor orders do not.

Does pope wear gold?

(see image at the left) Popes usually wear pectoral crosses made of gold and usually adorned with jewels and precious stones. But Pope Francis opted to wear the old, unadorned silver cross he received as a gift from a friend when he was still an archbishop in Argentina.

What does Nika mean on a cross?

IC XC is a Christogram abbreviation for Jesus Christ and NIKA is Conquers = Jesus Christ Conquers.

What does Nika mean Orthodox?

Quick Reference. Partly abbreviated form of the Greek ᾽Ιησου̑ς Ξριστὸς νίκα, “Jesus Christ, conquer,” or ᾽Ιησου̑ς Ξριστὸς νικι̑, “Jesus Christ conquers” (DOC 3.1:231).

Who are the priests that wear the pectoral cross?

The pectoral cross is worn by all bishops, but not necessarily by all priests. In the Greek tradition, the pectoral cross is only given to specific priests for faithful service; in the Slavic tradition, a cross is worn by all priests. The cross worn by priests depicts the crucified Christ, whether in painted form as an icon, or in relief.

Where does the name pectoral cross come from?

Pectoral cross. A pectoral cross or pectoral (from the Latin pectoralis, “of the chest”) is a cross, usually relatively large, suspended from the neck by a cord or chain that reaches well down the chest.

What does a Orthodox priest’s cross look like?

Orthodox pectoral crosses are almost always on chains of either silver or gold, sometimes with intricately worked links. Priest’s crosses will often have an icon of Christ “Made Without Hands” at the top. This is the icon before which Orthodox Christians usually confess their sins.

Which is the most popular Greek Orthodox cross?

Another popular Greek Orthodox cross is the Mt. Athos cross. This cross design comes from Mt. Athos, the monastic center of Greece. We have many other offerings available in the Byzantine cross section, which might be of interest to those looking for a Greek cross pendant or Greek Orthodox cross.