Are trainers masculine or feminine?

Are trainers masculine or feminine?


English French
1. trainers chaussures de sport (feminine plural noun)
2. trainers (plural noun) tennis
3. trainers (plural) entraîneurs (masculine plural noun)
4. trainers (plural) entraîneuses (feminine plural noun)

How do I use vogue?

Vogue sentence example

  1. This is the Syriac version of a narrative which has had an extraordinary vogue in the world’s literature.
  2. The metayer system was in vogue , especially on temple lands.
  3. A bath of bulls’ blood was much in vogue as a baptism in the mysteries of Attis.

What app do u use for the Vogue?

To do this use an editing app such as PicsArt (other apps are available) or Photoshop. On PicsArt in the sticker section there are loads of different colour Vogue logos you can add to your pics.

How do I get digital vogue?

Digital Access

  1. Download the app onto your device from the App Store, then click on the Vogue icon on your home screen.
  2. In the app, under My Account, tap on the “Verify Your Subscription” link.
  3. Confirm your account using your account number or subscription mailing address:
  4. Click the “Continue” button.

Is it in vogue or en vogue?

If something is in vogue, it is very popular and fashionable. If it comes into vogue, it becomes very popular and fashionable.

Is a veranda a balcony?

Balcony Vs Veranda As mentioned above, a veranda is a covered structure located on the ground level of the house. It is usually attached to two or more sides of the main building. On the other hand, a balcony is an elevated platform affixed to a given room on the upper floor of the building.

What’s the point of a veranda?

The purpose of a veranda Verandas usually often serve a variety of purposes, depending on the reasons and places fitted. The main reasons, however, are to provide an outdoor shelter where you can enjoy your outdoor area regardless of the weather conditions prevailing. Secondly, verandas enhance the look of your home.

What’s another word for veranda?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for veranda, like: porch, gallery, sun-deck, terrace, balcony, portico, platform, piazza, verandah, sun-terrace and stoop.

What is a piazza?

Piazza, square or marketplace in an Italian town or city. The word is cognate with the French and English “place” and Spanish “plaza,” all ultimately derived from the Greek plateia, “broad street.” The most celebrated Italian piazza is that designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in front of St.

What is the difference between a porch and a veranda?

Extending from the main structure, a porch is a covered shelter attached to the front of the entrance of a house or building. A veranda is Portuguese for porch. It is a roofed, open-air gallery or porch. A veranda is often partly enclosed by a railing and frequently extends across the front and sides of the structure.

What is a balcony called in USA?

“Balconies”, “porches”, “decks”, “terraces”, “verandas”, “lanais”, “galleries”, and “piazzas” in GAE and dialectal AE. In AE, a porch is apparently just about the same structure as a veranda, i.e. an open or enclosed gallery or room attached to the outside of a building.

What is the roof over a porch called?

Based on the information provided by Conservation Wiki, a portico is a type of porch or roof that features rows of regularly spaced tall columns that are used to support the structure. Most people describe a portico as an awning or overhang that features tall columns.

How high can you build a deck without a permit?


What is a portico roof?

A portico is a porch leading to the entrance of a building, or extended as a colonnade, with a roof structure over a walkway, supported by columns or enclosed by walls. This idea was widely used in ancient Greece and has influenced many cultures, including most Western cultures.