Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome: Detailed Web Browser Comparison

The browser experience is one thing that impacts your online experience and can make a huge difference. Still, many users take their browsers for granted and don’t think that they can impact much. In this article, we are going to compare the two titans among browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. After reading our comparison, you will be able to make the right choice between Chrome or Firefox for your personal or business use. Let’s get started!

What is the difference between Firefox and Chrome?

This is a battle between two of the most popular browsers in the world. Recent statistics show that Firefox has nearly 10% of the global market share, while Google Chrome has 65%. Despite the fact that Chrome is considerably more popular, Firefox is still a solid option when selecting a good browser. Let us have a more detailed look at these two browsers and their main characteristics.

  1. Online privacy

We will begin with the biggest concern for most users – privacy and data safety while you are online. First, let’s mention that both these browsers are a solid choice when it comes to safe browsing. However, Mozilla Firefox is more secure when it comes to storing your critical data. It has built-in blocking functionality that doesn’t let hackers, cybercriminals, or any kind of malware access your data. They help avoid all kinds of trackers and scripts. So the answer to the question: “Is Firefox safer than Chrome?” is “Yes”. But despite the browsers you use, you can make several steps towards enhancing your online security.

How to enhance your online privacy?

One of the most tried and tested ways to boost your online security is using a VPN in your browser. There are multiple VPN apps you can install right in your browser and forget about any privacy concerns. VeePN is considered one of the beat free VPN for Firefox as it has high-level data encryption and advanced privacy features. You can set up VPN Firefox as your Mozilla extension in just a few clicks and then work with it using your navigation bar. By adding more power to the already existing features, Firefox VPN extension will boost your security and enable private Internet access on Firefox. It takes a few steps to install the Firefox VPN add-on and enjoy safe and convenient browsing.

  1. Memory use

And this huge benefit goes to Mozilla Firefox. It takes considerably less space than Google Chrome even if you have multiple tabs opened, So if you are wondering: Is Firefox faster than Chrome, the answer is yes.

Google Chrome creates additional processes for each opened page, every page takes up its own memory and has its own copy. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox uses four content processes, no matter how many tabs you have opened. It means that if you have 15 open tabs in Google Chrome, this browser will use 20 processes and Mozilla Firefox will use just four. By using more processes, Google Chrome aims to boost performance, but it takes up lots of battery life and RAM space.

  1. User Interface

Both Firefox and Chrome interfaces are uncomplicated, clean, and convenient, and have much in common when it comes to design. Both browsers allow easy management of your bookmarks and tabs and searching for different things online. Chrome offers you a default simple panel design with an address bar that plays the role of the search bar as well. At the same time, Mozilla Firefox offers a separate address bar as well as a search bar. Firefox browser provides a horizontal scrolling function where the users have an opportunity to drag the horizontal scrolling bar and guide the page while zooming out the screen of your web page. Nevertheless, Chrome doesn’t offer this feature. While using Chrome, this process looks more complicated.

Besides, Mozilla Firefox offers more customization opportunities. If you understand technologies at least a bit, you get access to many helpful customization features, like personalized tabs style and features, and added or removed buttons. On the other hand, Google Chrome doesn’t offer such wide functionality. Both these browsers are usable and the interfaces are manageable and straightforward. Yet Mozilla has a huge competitive advantage when it comes to personalization opportunities.

  1. Browser performance

Another essential parameter while selecting the best browser is its performance. Generally, both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome provide sound web browsing performance. We don’t see any huge differences at this point, so no matter what you choose, you will have a great experience with your browser.

Is Google Chrome better than Mozilla Firefox?

Despite considerably bigger online popularity, Google Chrome doesn’t offer solid features that make a huge difference between this browser and Mozilla Firefox. In some comparison criteria, Mozilla Firefox offers even better and wider opportunities. So, from our point of view, both these browsers will be a good choice for your browsing and there is no huge difference between Chrome or Firefox.