Best Wi-Fi Range Extenders for Gaming

Online multiplayer games are slowly but steadily taking over the gaming industry. In the gaming community, games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and COD Warzone have become extremely popular. Their popularity has made us more aware than ever of the need for high-speed internet.

Although single-player games are still popular, online multiplayer games are becoming more popular and are being played more frequently. The gaming industry is coming up with something new every day and that is the reason why many people enjoy online gaming.

In the past, you had to call your friend to come to your place to play together but now with the internet, you can play online games with your friends sitting on the other side of the world. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you are good to go.

However, many players have problems with connection speed when playing online games. In your gaming zone, the Wi-Fi might not be as powerful as it should be. You curse the internet service provider because of the latency in connection but there could be multiple reasons why you face issues with your internet while playing games online.

You need to first ensure that you get services through an internet service provider, who delivers high-speed internet with less ping and lag. Furthermore, get a plan that suits your needs. You need to figure out your usage and that doesn’t just you playing games online.

If there are other users in your house, who stream and download while you game online, you need to get a plan that comes with blazing fast speed because the speed will be distributed among all the devices connected to your internet connection.

Also, while getting the internet service, check if the customer support department of the internet service provider is good or not because you will be super frustrated if your internet goes down and you won’t be able to do something about it.

Only a few internet service providers in America like Cox offers 24/7 customer support to both their English and Spanish users. For instance, if you reach out to Cox for any technical concern at even 2 AM and you want Cox Servicio al Cliente en Español, a Spanish customer support specialist will be there to help you out regarding any concern.

Well, if you are facing issues regarding your Wi-Fi signals, the fault probably lies in your equipment placement or model. Don’t worry, we can resolve this problem thanks to technological advancements. For this concern, only a wireless range extender is required. You might think about what this device is and how it functions. This article will address all of your questions and provide you with a list of the top extenders from which you can pick.

What Exactly Is A Wireless Range Extender And How Does It Function?

A wireless range extender is like a device that connects to your current router and extends its range. Its sole purpose is to increase the signal intensity. Its purpose is similar to that of a stereo amplifier used in hi-fi systems.

With the help of an amplifier that employs an electric current, the signal is amplified and conveyed in the air. As a result, the original signal becomes two times stronger. External antennas are used to broadcast or receive signals.

Repeaters or boosters are the terms, which are usually used to describe these devices. Simply said, these devices capture and broadcast your existing Wi-Fi signals after boosting their intensity.

Here are the best wireless range extenders for gaming, if you are a gamer that needs stronger signals in your gaming zone:

Nighthawk X6S

If you have spent hundreds of dollars setting up your PCs or purchasing consoles, it’s time to consider investing in a nice wireless range extender as well. It’s worth spending money on something that gives you a better gaming experience, don’t you think?

The Nighthawk X6S is among the most comprehensive extenders in the current market. The Nighthawk X6S EX8000 Tri-band Extender from Netgear is simply bold, powerful, and dependable. With six antennas and a signal range of over 2500 square feet, it’s an excellent choice for gamers. The Nighthawk’s tri-band configuration, in particular, can give supersonic rates of up to 3000 Mbps.

It is really simple to set up and run, despite the complicated technology and specifications. It doesn’t even require an instruction manual. It’s called “the device from the future.” Netgear Nighthawk X6S can link up to 50 devices, which is crazy, right? With this amazing equipment, you can connect all of your gaming consoles, smart home appliances, and smart devices at the same time.

If you wish to connect your gaming system to the internet via wire, there are numerous Ethernet connections available to connect many devices at once. They have left no stone unturned in the construction of this. With all those WPA and WEP protocols, it’s even more secure.

D-Link DAP-1720

Another wonderful option for online gamers who face issues regarding the Wi-Fi signals is D-Link DAP-1720 Wi-Fi AC1750 Range Extender. It features a mobile application that allows you to control all of the device’s settings and preferences from your phone, isn’t that cool? You can change all the settings as per your requirement from the app. The app made by the company itself is quite user-friendly and does not require any prior knowledge.

Multiple Ethernet connections are available to support your game consoles and PCs. The incredible setup supports a download speed of up to 1 Gigabyte. On the extender, there is a physical switch, which allows you to increase the range of your Wi-Fi anytime you need it.

It has an almost flawless design. Place the extension vertically, and this amazing extender will send the signals up a floor. If you have a double-story home, your gaming setup is on the first floor, and you face issues regarding the Wi-Fi signals, you have your solution now.

Summing It Up

Many people face issues regarding Wi-Fi signals and they think that it’s their internet service provider’s fault, when apparently it’s not. If you want strong signals, you need to get either a strong router or a Wi-Fi extender. The above-mentioned Wi-Fi extenders are the best options. Pick any of the above and have the best online gaming experience without any lag.