Teaching How to Read in the 21st Century

Technology today has become an indispensable part of our lifestyle. Computers and smartphones are important tools that help us stay connected with the world and provide us with the knowledge and information we need. Hence, 21st-century teaching means utilizing all the important tools and technology that allow the students to guide the right way and gain more knowledge with convenience. Many people suffer from disorders like dyslexia which makes it difficult to read due to problems in identifying speech sounds.

Various parents today look for reading programs that can help their dyslexic child to read better. Today, you can find multiple online reading programs for dyslexia that can allow you to make the most of the options. However, you need to evaluate the reading issues that your child has because different dyslexic students have different reading challenges.

Better Strategies for Decoding and Spelling New Words

When you are searching for online dyslexia-related reading programs you must focus on the ones that offer better strategies for decoding and spelling new words. This is important because various dyslexia students need to know the letters and the sound connect also known as phonemic awareness. The online program must come up with tailored plans that can allow your child to learn at the right pace.


Must Be Self-Paced

Choosing online reading dyslexia apps and programs that don’t rush through the curriculum is equally important because no two dyslexic students are the same. Hence, their grasp of new words and sounds may be different. Hence, the online reading program you choose must allow the student to be self-paced and offer consistent guidance and assessment to ensure the child is improving and becoming a successful reader.


Must Be Multisensory

Traditional ways of learning how to read are not enough for dyslexic students and therefore the online reading program you choose must offer students to engage as many of their senses as possible. The program must provide phonemic and phonological awareness exercises that can help them to learn new words and repeat them until they have retained them in their memory.


Incorporating Assistive Technology

Various online programs for dyslexia students also involve the use of audiobooks and text-to-speech software that can make life easier for the students. Hence, you can ensure that you choose online programs that offer a convenient and easy way to make things easier for dyslexic students. Various online apps and programs would also include word games that can allow students to learn new words and make learning fun.


Research-based Explicit Instruction

It is easier for the dyslexic child to be confused with multiple instructions and therefore the online program must offer explicit research-based instruction and information that makes it easier for the students to learn new words. The program must also have a comprehensive curriculum that makes it convenient for them to gradually become good at reading and resolve their challenges. With this, you can ensure that you can find online reading programs for dyslexic students that can make a difference.