Six ‘What’s’ to Ask on a Dating Site

Online dating has become a popular way to find love and companionship. Millions of people engage in casual dating through this resource. However, the rise in scams puts many people off using this platform for fear of getting scammed or wasting their time. Just remember that picking a proper site is not enough, but you need to know how to present yourself to get good results.

To make things easier, answer these questions before starting your dating journey!

What do you expect of it?

Know your purpose in turning to online dating. Determining the outcome will help set your expectations straight. Some people are just curious about who’s out there. Others may use them to boost self-esteem, try something new, find like-minded people they meet on social media, and even find an easy local bang privately.

Know what you want to use a dating site, as it’s also vital for choosing the right site. Not all sites are designed for casual hookups. Similarly, others facilitate serious matchmaking only. Some sites are great for mature dating, while others are designed for the members of the LGBTQ community. Take your time and answer this question to identify the best site for your dating success.

What qualities do you value in a partner?

Partner’s preferences, interests, and values are all different. But it is important to work out common ground and decide what each person values in their partner. A couple should be able to compromise on these things and still have a happy relationship.

When trying online dating sites, it’s important to create a list of qualities you want to see in your potential partner. There may be physical attributes, like you may want to be with someone who belongs to a certain community, has a particular hair color, or speaks a specific language.

Similarly, you may be looking for someone with whom you can connect emotionally. Know all those qualities, and don’t be afraid to mention those in your profile to find the best match.

What does your typical day look like?

Are you a little too busy to spend hours on a dating site? Or are you a mature single who has a stable career with plenty of time to play around? Understand that not all sites are created equal.

Some may not have enough members to help you find a match in a short time. They demand more time and effort. But, with a higher percentage of members, you’ll have to deal with stiffer competition as well.

Therefore, you may not want to waste time on free dating sites where you may find millions of members, but you just cannot devote the time it takes to search for the best candidate.

What do you do for fun?

Letting potential matches know that you’re a fun-loving person can directly impact how successful your dating expedition becomes. Your profile needs to be attractive to increase your chances of meeting the best dating partner, so don’t just talk about what you do for fun but also share photos of having fun out in nature.

To make yourself more appealing to potential matches, you should be honest about your interests and traits. In doing so, you’ll be able to win people over and have a more successful online dating experience. Prepare your profile as you prepare for a job interview. Talk about your hobbies, where you spend your holidays, what your idea of a great dating experience is, and so on.

What is your perfect date idea?

Be sure to come up with a plan. The perfect date idea is one that is unique and reflects your personality. A perfect day might be going to a local festival, exploring a museum, or spending the day at the park near your house. Whatever you decide to do together is perfect because it makes you feel good about yourself and your partner. Still, it’s a good idea to discuss it with your partner and then choose something that works for both of you.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Mentioning a little about something crazy you’ve done in the past can help you look more attractive to your potential partner. It’s not that difficult to find something that looks cool.

 Did you break a bone while doing something adventurous? Did you Jump from the top of the Washington monument? Have you dived into the freezing cold polar sea for a swim?

There are many crazy things people have done in their life. Some are dangerous, some are just really dumb, and others are a little bit of both. Find what sets you apart and share it.


When it’s time to enter the dating world, it can be difficult to know what to expect. There are so many different questions to ask yourself in order to create a perfect profile and increase your chances of getting the best results. Keep these “What’s” in mind and answer them honestly to make online dating a lot more exciting.