The first working week: how to work effectively and not go crazy

Each student or employee often has a problem after the weekend – it is difficult to get back into the working rhythm, therefore, as a rule, the work is not very effective at first. In this article, we will tell you how to smoothly join the working rhythm and not go crazy.

Start small

If you have just returned from a vacation or vacation, you should not plan important negotiations, grandiose projects, and very important meetings for the first week. While you are just getting used to the working rhythm, you need to give yourself time to get used to it – for example, you can start by parsing mail and performing small tasks.

Take unplanned breaks

Of course, lying all day or leaving work half a day early is not the best option. However, at first, it is better to try to arrange small additional breaks during the day. For the body, early rises and so much physical and intellectual activity are stressful, so give it a rest: give yourself small breaks a little more often than usual. You can walk around the office, do light exercises or just get up from the table to look out the window.

Don’t linger unless absolutely necessary

Each person has burning deadlines, a session, and a huge amount of work that needs to be completed on time. But if there is an opportunity to leave work or school on time, you should not miss it. Scientists have proven that in the first week after a vacation, the body still cannot fully perceive the load, so a person gets tired much faster. It is because of this that psychologists advise not to stay late for work until you finally get used to the working regime.

Prepare everything you need in advance

In order to save time in the morning, it is better to get ready for work or study the night before. For example, you can think in advance about what clothes you will wear the next day and prepare them. In addition, if you take lunch with you, then you need to prepare it in advance. This way you can save time in the morning and you won’t have to worry about not being there on time.

Get yourself some entertainment

In the first week after a vacation, you can afford to extend this vacation a little – for example, in the evenings after a working day, you can watch your favorite movie or place bets on the bookie website or online casino. It is important to let the body relax so that it can rest before the next working day.

Don’t overload your body

Starting a new life on Monday is an idea that comes to the mind of many, but the body is unlikely to thank you for it. Therefore, if you decide to introduce new habits into your life or go on a diet right after the holidays, it is better to postpone this idea until the body gets used to the work schedule. This will help you get into the rhythm as smoothly as possible and avoid additional stress. Let yourself get used to at least getting up early.

Distribute tasks

It is best to divide all work or school tasks into important and urgent, second priority tasks (important but not urgent), those that can be delegated, and those that can be postponed until later. At the same time, it is better to do such a distribution in writing – this allows you to better focus on business and not forget anything.

Arrange yourself for an “unloading” weekend

After the first week of work, you can give yourself a break from household chores, laundry, and cleaning. You can have a picnic in the park or walk around the city and watch a movie in the evening. So the body will be easier to survive stress.