Can I go to the toilet French?

Can I go to the toilet French?

n eau f de toilette exp. puis-je ? ; est-ce que je peux ?…toilet.

Sir, can I go to the toilet please? Monsieur, je peux aller aux toilettes s’il vous plaît ?
May I go to the toilet? Je peux… utiliser la salle de bain?

How do you say I need to go to the bathroom?

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  1. GO TO THE BATHROOM. This is probably the most common way to say ‘toilet’ in all English speaking countries.
  2. THE RESTROOM. This is more common in the USA.
  3. THE LOO.
  4. THE JOHN.

Is it rude to say I have to pee?

Pee is an informal but common word that means “to urinate.” Of all the slang words for bodily functions, this is one of the least offensive. Unless something in particular about peeing needs to be discussed, it’s best to just say, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

How do you say I wanna pee?

Some people say “Need a wee” or “Need a pee”, “Just going for a pee/wee”, or “Jimmy riddle” = Piddle. Don’t use “Going for a piss/slash/wizz”.

Is Pee a polite word?

A more polite word is pee or wee. The formal word is urinate.

How do you formally say pee?

Additional synonyms

  1. urinate,
  2. wee (informal),
  3. pee (slang),
  4. tinkle (British, informal),
  5. piddle (informal),
  6. spend a penny (British, informal),
  7. pass water,
  8. wee-wee (informal),

What is it called when you pee your pants?

incontinence Add to list Share. Incontinence is a lack of control. Sometimes that means you can’t help but pee your pants. It could also mean you’re pooping your pants. Incontinence is something we expect of babies, but it can also happen to very sick or old people.

What does piddle mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : dawdle, putter. 2 : urinate.

What is a fancy way of saying poop?

excreta. Excrement is related to our next cloacal synonym: excreta. You can use the word excreta, which means “excreted matter, like urine, feces, or sweat,” the next time you find yourself in need of a more refined synonym for poop.

What is the British word for poop?


Is piddle a real word?

verb (used without object), pid·dled, pid·dling. to spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way; dawdle (often followed by around): He wasted the day piddling around.

How do you spell piddle around?

: to waste time doing something that is not important or useful We should stop piddling around and get busy.

What does piddle mean in Old English?

“Piddle,” in old Dorset-speak, to my knowledge, means “pidelle,” which is water coming out of the ground, like a spring. And after that, the villages on the Piddle are called Puddle.

What does dont piddle mean?

piddle something away Fig. to waste away money or a period of time. Please don’t piddle all your money away. Jane piddled away most of the day. See also: away, piddle.

What is piddle fart?

New Word Suggestion. [slang] To procrastinate. Submitted By:DavedWachsman2 – 28/05/2013.

What is another word for terrifying?

appalling, terrible, horrific, scary, dreadful, horrible, shocking, frightful, chilling, fearsome, horrendous, alarming, daunting, terrific, distressing, gruesome, awful, startling, harrowing, creepy, dire, staggering, devastating, intimidating, dreaded, ghastly, grim, hideous, tragic, abominable, atrocious, tremendous …

What is a another word for scary?

terrifying, horrifying, terrible, frightful, appalling, horrific, frightened, horrible, fearsome, dreadful, alarming, awful, spooky, shocking, startling, distressing, intimidating, hairy, daunting, fearful, disturbing, worrisome, horrendous, nerve-racking, staggering, disquieting, gruesome, troubling, grim, hideous.