Can I sue NuvaRing?

Can I sue NuvaRing?

Filing A NuvaRing Lawsuit If you or a loved one has been injured by NuvaRing, you may be eligible for a NuvaRing lawsuit. Contact Chaffin Luhana LLP today for a confidential case evaluation at 1-888-316-2311.

Is there a recall on NuvaRing?

Despite many lawsuits and the efforts of patient advocates and medical researchers, NuvaRing has not been recalled by the FDA or by manufacturer companies of NuvaRing even since evidence of life-ending complications have been found.

What are the side effects of stopping NuvaRing?

When stopping hormonal birth control of any kind, like NuvaRing, women may experience the following symptoms:

  • Changes in menstrual period.
  • Mood changes.
  • Changes in sex drive.
  • Sore breasts.
  • Headaches.

Can NuvaRing cause weight gain?

Does NuvaRing make you gain weight? Nope! Birth control rings like NuvaRing and Annovera don’t change your weight. There’s lots of research on the hormones in the birth control ring, and studies show these hormones don’t cause weight gain or weight loss.

Is NuvaRing FDA approved?

The etonogestrel/ethinyl estradiol vaginal ring is a flexible birth control used to prevent pregnancy. The FDA has given approval to an Abbreviated New Drug Application for the etonogestrel/ethinyl estradiol vaginal ring (EluRyng, Amneal Pharmaceuticals), the first generic version of NuvaRing.

Can NuvaRing cause shortness of breath?

Weakness or loss of feeling in limbs. Sudden headache that is extremely painful. Shortness of breath. Chest pain or pressure in the chest.

Can NuvaRing cause heart attacks?

Other adverse effects. Other risks associated with NuvaRing, include: Strokes and heart attacks: NuvaRing can increase the risk of strokes or heart attacks, especially if used by a smoker or a woman over 35. High blood pressure: like other combination hormonal contraceptives, NuvaRing can raise blood pressure levels.

Can you get toxic shock from NuvaRing?

Another serious potential side effect of NuvaRing is toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This is a form of severe damage and illness that happens when bacteria release toxins into the bloodstream.

Can the NuvaRing make me sick?

The most common side effects are spotting or bleeding between periods, sore breasts, nausea, or headaches. But these usually go away after 2 or 3 months, and they don’t happen to everyone who uses the ring. You may also have a little extra vaginal wetness when using the ring.