Can you hunt geese over water?

Can you hunt geese over water?

When you are hunting geese over water, you lose that control because they’re usually not going there to feed. Some guys hunt flooded corn, but in general geese are coming back to water to rest.” Canada geese are pursued along rivers, streams, lakes, farm ponds, marshes, reservoirs, flooded agricultural crops, and more.

How do you decoy geese in water?

“I’ll put two or three floaters on the water and four or five full-body sleepers or resters on land close to the water. You want the birds to feel like the pond is safe when they come in,” he says. “If it’s a small pond that I can shoot across, I like the decoys close. You definitely don’t want to crowd the pond.”

How do you call geese in water?

Goose Calling Over Water: Low and relaxed and loud and aggressive. For small non migrating flocks I prefer the more realistic low pitched notes that carry so well on the water. This is where a longer barreled call like an H2O Talker Goose Call really shines as it is designed for this.

Where do you find geese in water?

Rivers are the exception to the don’t-shoot-the-roost rule. Geese will move elsewhere on a river if you hunt it. Set some sleeper shells on a sandbar, a few full-​bodies at the water’s edge, and a dozen floaters in the current. Dig shallow depressions in the sand to better hide layout blinds.

Do geese like rivers?

The most tedious part of hunting Canada geese is driving long miles to scout and asking for permission to hunt private ag fields. But when the first blast of winter hits and freezes marshes and ponds, geese flock to rivers to roost and loaf, opening miles and miles of opportunity to the public-water hunter.

How do geese land in water?

Geese usually take off from the water by running across the surface and flapping their wings. When they are startled, Canada geese can fly straight up from the water like dabbling ducks. To land, the goose holds its wings out straight and skidds onto the land or water.

How many goose decoys do I need for water?

When targeting only geese over water using a boat we typically run as many as we can fit which depending what boat blind we take out its anywhere from 60 to 120 I feel the more the better along with that if the situation presents itself we always throw out around four dozen land decoys if we can.

How do I attract Canada geese to my pond?

Geese typically like to feed on small grains, berries and grasses. If a landowner would like to attract geese to the property they own, providing a nice grazing upland area close to the water may give the geese what they are looking for.

What are the Predators of Canadian geese?

Predators of Canada geese and their eggs include humans, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, bobcats, and foxes , as well as gulls, eagles, crows, ravens, and magpies . Canada geese hatched in urban environments may have very low first-year mortalities due to the abundance of food and relative scarcity of natural predators.

What attracts Canadian geese?

Aggressive Geese. The beautifully manicured lawns and wonderful water features add to the perfect landscape, but they also attract Canada geese. Geese can certainly add to this beauty, in a natural settings.

What do Canadian geese eat in the wild?

Wild geese species, such as Canada geese, eat things like grass, eelgrass and skunk cabbage leaves. In the fall and winter, they often eat grains, corn, seeds and berries.

Are Canada geese really Canadian?

Scientific Name: Branta canadensis

  • Common Names: Canada goose,Canadian goose (colloquial)
  • Basic Animal Group: Bird
  • Size: 30 to 43 inches long; 3 feet,11 inch to 6 feet,3 inch wingspan
  • Lifespan: 10 to 24 years in the wild
  • Diet: Mostly herbivorous
  • Habitat: Native to arctic and temperate North America,but introduced elsewhere