Can you say Mans?

Can you say Mans?

‘Mans’ is the singular possessive case for ‘man’ . Men is the plural form .

Which is the correct singular possessive form of girl?

For a plural possessive, you need to make a noun plural and use an apostrophe. For example, for the word girls, add an apostrophe at the end of the word “girls” – girls’. Do the same thing for possessive names ending in “s” like “Jones” (Jones’) or “Hastings” (Hastings’) as well. The girls’ room.

What is the possessive form of dogs?

Using Apostrophes to Form Possessive Nouns

Type Example of Type Possessive Noun
singular noun dog dog’s dinner dog’s dinners
plural noun dogs dogs’ dinner dogs’ dinners
singular noun ending -s Chris Chris’ hat or Chris’s hat
plural noun not ending -s People People’s rights

What do we use for girls?

While it is usually used to mean “female child,” the word girl is also sometimes used in reference to young adult or adult women, such as in girl bands or a girlfriend. Parents also use the word girls for their daughters of any age.

What can I say instead of girl?


  • Ms.
  • daughter.
  • femme.
  • gal.
  • gentlewoman.
  • girl.
  • grandmother.
  • lady.

What’s the difference between girl and Gurl?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “woman” is defined as “an adult female human being. The counterpart of man.” (“Man,” on the other hand, is not defined as “the counterpart of woman.” Figures.) “Girl,” however, is usually meant to signify “young woman.” Technically, those are correct.

What does it mean when a guy calls you Gurl?

gurl ‎(plural gurls) 1. (LGBT slang) Term of address between gay men. 2. (informal) A girl. The same source gives the word’s etymology as “Variant spelling of girl.”

What means boy and girl?

The terms ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ are commonly used by injection drug users to refer to heroin, which produces a ‘down’ high, and cocaine, which produces an ‘up’ high, respectively.

What is it called when you identify as a boy and girl?

The idea that there are only two genders is sometimes called a “gender binary,” because binary means “having two parts” (male and female). Therefore, “non-binary” is one term people use to describe genders that don’t fall into one of these two categories, male or female.

What is it called when you feel like a boy and girl?

Genderfluid means you move between genders, feeling like one sometimes and another at other times, or your gender changes depending on the situation you’re in. If you feel like a guy sometimes and a girl other times, you might be genderfluid as well as bigender.

Can I be both genders?

Non-binary people may identify as having two or more genders (being bigender or trigender); having no gender (agender, nongendered, genderless, genderfree); moving between genders or having a fluctuating gender identity (genderfluid); being third gender or other-gendered (a category that includes those who do not place …