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Can you say more well?

Can you say more well?

If we want to say “more good,” we use “better.” What about if we want to say “more well?” Example: The soup tasted good, but the salad tasted better. The singer performed well, but the dancer performed [?].

What is the comparative to the word well?

Both good and well change to better and best in their comparative and superlative forms. Use the comparative form – better – when comparing two items.

What is the degree of well?


good better best
ill worse worst
far farther farthest
well better best

What is very grammar?

So, Too, Very Grammar Rules. Very + Adjective or Adverb. Very is used to emphasize an adjective or an adverb. It often has a positive meaning. The book is very interesting.

What are 5 synonyms for nice?


  • acceptable.
  • dandy.
  • delicious.
  • delightful.
  • enjoyable.
  • fair.
  • fine.
  • gratifying.

What is a word for a nice person?


What are 5 acts of kindness?

Five Random Acts of Kindness

  • Do your neighbor a favor! Maybe they could use a hand shoveling snow, or maybe you could offer to babysit their kids for a night for free.
  • Buy a stranger coffee.
  • Sign up to volunteer.
  • Clean out your house and make a donation to a local charity.
  • Make a donation to your local United Way.

What are 6 acts of kindness?

6 Random Acts Of Kindness Everybody Can Do

  • Acts of Kindness: We’re Built For Them. Stop reading for a moment and think about the last time you did something kind for someone– was it today?
  • Pause.
  • Acts of Kindness With A Smile.
  • Hold The Door.
  • Writing Notes as Acts of Kindness.
  • Give Compliments.
  • Just Listen!

What are examples of small acts of kindness?

Small Acts of Kindness

  • Take your younger siblings out to play in the rain.
  • Make hot chocolate for your family on a cold day.
  • Take the time to appreciate the sunrise and sunset.
  • Write someone an encouraging poem.
  • Send Coloring Books to sick kids in the hospital.
  • Celebrate your own best friend appreciation day.

Do small acts of kindness?

Lend a hand to someone doing yard work. Bring treats to your workplace for coworkers to enjoy. Donate to a homeless person, perhaps give them some food. Leave a kind server a generous tip.

What is your favorite act kindness?

Make an extra dinner. It is sure to make them smile. Try my Easy Enchiladas, this yummy Creamy Mushroom Kale Pasta or this Vegan Shepherd’s Pie. Pick up garbage … or take out your neighbour’s! Another easy one to do with the kids! Head out for a walk wearing a set of gloves and pick up small pieces of trash as you go.