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Can you use etc after example?

Can you use etc after example?

Do not use etc. with a “list” that gives only one example; there should be at least two items listed. Since cetera means “other things,” etc.

When should you not use etc?

A good way to test whether etc. is appropriate is to substitute “and so on” or “and so forth.” If those synonyms make sense, you can use etc. You should never use “and et cetera.” Remember, et means “and.” “And et cetera” is redundant. Usage note: Don’t use a comma after etc. if it is at the end of the sentence.

What does ETC mean in a text?

Et cetera

What does XO mean from a girl?

Xoxo means hugs and kisses.

What does ATK mean?

ATK means “Attack”.

What does ATK stand for in football?

ATK (football club)

Full name ATK Football Club
Short name ATKFC
Founded 7 May 2014 (as Atlético de Kolkata)
Dissolved 1 June 2020 (merged with football section of Mohun Bagan as ATK Mohun Bagan)
Ground Salt Lake Stadium Bidhannagar, West Bengal

What does ATK stand for in payroll?

Arbetstidsförkortning (ATK; English: shortening of work time )is additional leave in Sweden, typically 5-10 work days per year.

What does ATK mean in fortnite?

All Terrain Kart

What does XX mean in text?

two kisses

What does ABC mean in Adopt Me?

PeachyPanda247· 2/12/2021. Abc means if someone says abc if u have < any pet .ect> Or abc if u want to be my child or abc if u need a free pet abc to donate ect ……. U say bc if u need a mum and a someone says abc for a mum ….

What does AFK mean in Adopt Me Roblox?

away from keyboard

What does ABC for a Mom mean?

abc for a mom means that you say if you want a child or a mom.

What does ABC mean in Snapchat?

ABC — Always Be Careful. ABC — Accept, Believe, Confess.

What is an ABC girl?

Waitresses at the depots of the Aerated Bread Company Limited.

What is the abbreviation of ABC?


Acronym Definition
ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABC American Broadcasting Company (US radio and TV network)
ABC Alphabet
ABC Airways, Breathing, Circulation (CPR)

What does ABC stand for in communication?

Your communication should always be ABC: A = Accurate. B = Brief. C = Clear.

What is the full form of ABCD?

“American-Born Confused Desi” (“ABCD”) is a term used to refer to South Asian Americans born or raised in the United States, in contrast to those who were born overseas and later settled in the USA. …

What does ABC stand for in media?

The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) of India is a non-profit circulation-auditing organisation. It certifies and audits the circulations of major publications, including newspapers and magazines in India.

What is the full form of Abcb?

Definition. ABCB. Australian Building Codes Board. ABCB. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (various US states)