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Do you say my sister and I or my sister and me?

Do you say my sister and I or my sister and me?

Use “my sister and I” when that phrase is the subject of the sentence. Use “my sister and me” when it is the object.

Is she and her family correct grammar?

“Support for her and her family,” is correct. The first “her” is the object of the preposition “for” ( along with “and her family”), so the objective case is used. The second “her” is a different word, an adjective showing whose family.

Do we say her mother or his mother?

So, when you add back “her mother,” the complete sentence is “She and her mother went to the movies.” NOTE: You could start a sentence with “her,” but the usage would be different. In that case, “her” wouldn’t be a personal pronoun; it would be used as a possessive pronoun.

Do we say her wife or his wife?

“He is with his wife” is grammatically correct, because the pronoun “her” is feminine gender, and a female can not be a wife of another female.

Why do some men say the wife instead of my wife?

It is not impolite or derogatory although it could be used in a negative sense. The wife alludes to the generic idea of a wife rather than a specific person. It’s a good phrase to use if what you are trying to say might apply to wives in general rather than just your wife or the wife of someone present.

Is it disrespectful to call your wife the wife?

I have a name. If you want to refer me as my husband’s wife then call me C. Joe’s wife or if you’re talking to my husband, say “your wife”. “The wife” is just disrespectful.

Is it right to say her husband?

No it is not correct. Always put the other name first when using a pronoun in a compound subject or object. Also when you join these with an and, it is plural so you should say: Are she and her husband…

Do we say her husband or his husband?

We don’t change it for number or gender. Some people might thing it needs to be “his husband” because both are male, but once you remember that we don’t ever change things based on the noun being modified, it will be easier to remember that “her” applies to the person who has the husband.

Who is her husband Braindom?

Answer: Tap on her necklace with the letter “L”, then tap on A’s arm tattoo which is written ”LISA”, so choose A. About Braindom 2 Game: “Cool riddles that will twist your mind and puzzle you hard: Who is who?