Does cobalt die in The Saddle Club?

Does cobalt die in The Saddle Club?

Cobalt is put down after he breaks his leg in a jumping accident caused by Veronica. Prior to his death Cobalt got Delilah pregnant with their foal Samson.

How old is red in Saddle Club?

Seventeen years old
Red O’Malley is the head Irish Australian stable hand at Pine Hollow. Seventeen years old and good looking, he is well regarded by the girls for his skills with the horses, both riding and in the stable.

How does The Saddle Club end?

In the end Jake does the right thing and quits his job and Red gets an apology from Max. Veronica has to stay at Lisa’s house until her parents get back from vacation because Kristi has strep throat. While there she reads Lisa’s diary and causes disturbances in The Saddle Club.

Was Chris Hemsworth in The Saddle Club?

He’s come a long way! Resurfaced footage reveals Chris Hemsworth had a one-time guest role as a dreamy vet in children’s series The Saddle Club. Chris Hemsworth became a bona fide star after landing the role of Thor in the Marvel Universe franchise in 2011.

Who died from the Saddle Club?

Jessica Jacobs, 17, who played Melanie Atwood on series one and two of The Saddle Club, died when she fell into the path of a train at Cheltenham station on Saturday. A Victoria Police spokeswoman said it was believed Jessica tripped and fell from the platform as the train entered the station.

What episode does Stevie get Belle?

Stevie rode Comanche, one of Pine Hollow’s school horses until she got Belle in “Found Horse Part 2”. She found Belle during “Found Horse Part 1” (season 1) and Belle has been her horse ever since.

Who died from The Saddle Club?

How old is Lara Jean Marshall?

33 years (July 30, 1988)
Lara Jean Marshall/Age

Who was Luke Hemsworth Saddle Club?


Year Title Role
2001–2002 Neighbours Nathan Tyson
2003 The Saddle Club Simon
2004 Blue Heelers Glen Peters
2005 Last Man Standing Shannon Gazal

Who is Chris Hemsworth wife?

Elsa Patakym. 2010
Chris Hemsworth/Wife
Thor: Love and Thunder actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky are relationship goals. The couple often delights their fans by sharing their shenanigans on Instagram.

How old is Jessica Jacobs?

17 years (1990–2008)
Jessica Jacobs/Age at death

What is the first Saddle Club movie?

The Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow
The Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow.

How old is Stevie Lake from the Saddle Club?

Stephanie “Stevie” Lake is a 12-year-old tomboy. She is one of the riders at Pine Hollow and one of the Saddle Club members. Her best friends are Carole Hanson and Lisa Atwood.

How old is Carole from the Saddle Club?

Carole is an African American girl. In the first season, she is about 12 years old. Carole is passionate of horses and is probably the one who is the most over the two other girls.

Which is the best horse to ride in the Saddle Club?

He is afraid of thunderstorms and mud puddles. Comanche is one of the best horses to ride. He has a good temperament, he is calm and sweet, but difficult as he is afraid of everything. At Pine Hollow, he is often ridden by Stevie until she gets Belle and Sam as well.

Who was the first live in boarder in the Saddle Club?

Thanks to Mrs. Reg, however, Carole becomes the first live in boarder at Pine Hollow Stables as of “Moving On, Part 2” which allowed her to stay at Pine Hollow, continue to be in The Saddle Club, and keep Starlight. Carole has never forgiven Veronica for killing Cobalt.