Does poundworld exist?

Does poundworld exist?

At its peak it had 335 stores in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In 2014, it was planning to open 150 new stores within three years. Its larger rival in the market was Poundland….Poundworld.

The final logo
Industry Retail
Successors OneBelow Bargain Buys
Headquarters United Kingdom
Number of locations 335 (at peak)

What is Chris Edwards doing?

Chris Edwards has continued with his discount ventures. In March 2019 he set up a new line of shops called One Below, where items cost a pound or less. He set a target to open 100 stores across the country, and there are already over 60 stores in operation across the country.

Who owns OneBelow?

Christopher Edwards Sr.
One Below is a British variety store launched by Christopher Edwards and Chris Edwards Sr. Christopher Edwards is managing director while father Chris Edwards Sr is chairman….OneBelow.

Trade name OneBelow Retail Limited
Owner Christopher Edwards Sr.
Number of employees 881 (2021)

Are Poundland and Poundworld the same company?

No they are entirely SEPARATE companies – with differing fortunes. Poundland is close to rolling out clothing brand Pep&Co into 300 stores as it looks to steal a slice of the discount fashion market.

Who founded poundworld?


Chris Edwards (senior) launched Poundworld from a market stall in Wakefield in the 1970s before selling the business to US private equity conglomerate, TPG Capital in 2014.

Where was poundland founded?

April 1990
Poundland was founded by Dave Dodd and Steven Smith in April 1990 with a starting capital of just £50,000. The first pilot shop opened in December 1990 in the Octagon Centre, Burton upon Trent and managed a turnover of £13,000 from 624 products on its first day of trading.

Who started pound world?

Poundworld founder Chris Edwards has named the locations of the first stores in his new variety discounter chain OneBelow. The first branches will be in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Glasgow and Irvine, Edwards said this week. The chain, where everything will cost £1 or less, is also due to open two stores in London.

How many stores has one below?

70January 2021
OneBelow/Number of locations

Who owns Poundland now?

Poundland Group Limited
Steinhoff International
Poundland/Parent organizations

Who owned Poundland?

Steinhoff International

Who are Poundland’s competitors?

Since the acquisition of 99p Stores in 2015, Poundland’s closest competitor was the now defunct Poundworld. Other competitors are discount retailers B&M, Home Bargains, Wilko and supermarkets.

Is one below in the UK?

The UK’s newest and most exciting discount store, OneBelow offers customers an irresistible shopping experience with over 5,000 amazing value products everyday!

Where did Chris Edwards get the idea for pound world?

The founder of Poundworld, he sold the business to global private equity giant TPG in 2015 in a deal worth £150million. Edwards started his business on a market stall in his hometown of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, in 1974 and didn’t adopt the brand name until 2004. He opened his first store – Bargain Centre – in Wakefield in 1975.

Who is the owner of the pound World chain?

Poundworld founder Chris Edwards said he is trying to rescue the ailing chain after it announced it was going into administration. Mr Edwards sold the business in 2015 for £150m to a private equity group but is said to want to buy back “200 plus” of its 335 stores.

Is it true that Pound World is closing?

In June 2018 Alteri Investors pulled out of talks to buy Poundworld. On 20 July 2018, it was confirmed that all Poundworld stores were to close by 10 August. Some of these stores were to be converted into OneBelow stores and to reopen under that name.

Is there going to be a buyer for Poundworld?

Administrators Deloitte said Poundworld will continue to trade while a buyer for all or part of the business is sought and there would be no immediate redundancies or store closures.