How can I assist you in French?

How can I assist you in French?

En quoi puis-je vous aider ? How may I assist you? Je peux vous aider ? HOW MAY I ASSIST YOU?

How may I help you to Spanish?

If you want to say “How can I help you?” in Spanish, you would say, “¿Cómo puedo ayudarte?” (informal singular) or “¿Cómo puedo ayudarle?” (formal singular).

Can I start sentence with me?

One of the most common grammar errors made by people of all ages is to start a sentence with the word “Me.” For example: “Me and my family will be there at 8,” or “Me and Josh are going to play baseball.” Instead, you refer to yourself second in sentences like that, and usually you should use “I” instead of “me.”

How do you use we in a sentence?

We sentence example

  1. What time are we going to leave tomorrow?
  2. We have some cold days, but mostly it is warm.
  3. We wouldn’t grow under ground, I’m sure.
  4. I wish we had never come here.
  5. If we keep cool and moist, and meet with no accidents, we often live for five years.
  6. We must not be late.

Is it wrong to say me someone?

Both can be correct. The rule is basically that you use the same form that you’d use if you were the only person involved. If you were talking about ownership of a car, you’d say “That car belongs to me”, or if you shared ownership of it, “That car belongs to my wife and me.”

Do you say myself and someone?

We are taught that it is rude to put yourself before someone else, and that you should say I. I (and we, he, she, you and they) are pronouns. They are used to represent a person instead of using their name. These pronouns are classed as subject pronouns as they do the action of the sentence.

Should I say me or myself?

In general, when the speaker is the object of a verb, but not the subject, choose me. When the speaker is both the subject and the object of a verb, choose myself. Since myself and subject both contain the letter S, this should be an easy rule to remember.