How can I avail free Facebook on smart?

How can I avail free Facebook on smart?

All active Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers nationwide are eligible to get 1 GB/day FREE IG, FB and Tiktok, by dialing *123# and going to option #2 FREE IG+FB+TikTok FOR ALL. Then, choose the promo that you want to avail with your 1 GB FREE IG+FB FOR ALL. Upgrade to 4G/LTE SIM to become a 4G/LTE user.

How do I activate free messenger on smart?

To get started, Smart subscribers simply need to text FB to 211, then click on the download link which will be sent via SMS for free. Simply follow the instructions to get the ‘Facebook Mobile App’ always on, ready to use, unli, and for free, with a P1 maintaining balance.

How can I avail free data in smart?

How do I get my free 500MB / 1GB data?

  1. Simply activate your SIM by checking your account balance and the 500MB / 1GB will automatically be credited into your account.
  2. To check your account balance for free, text? 1515 to 214.

Can I borrow data from smart?

Whether you need to reply to your crush now, book a car on a late night, or are in an actual emergency, Smart allows you to borrow regular load, call and text bundles, and even Internet promos when you’re at zero balance.

How can I use Facebook for free without data?

To use it, simply look into the top portion of your screen for the “Go to Free Mode” button. Click it and your social media account will automatically switch to the free mode. While using the Free Facebook mode, the button that will appear on the topmost side would signal “See Photos”.

How can I access Facebook for free?

How to register:

  1. Dial *111*32# or visit via the web browser or Facebook app on your phone.
  2. Create a new profile or log in to your existing profile.
  3. Once you’ve successfully registered, you may receive a confirmation SMS with a code which you will need to use on

Is it free to use Facebook in the Philippines?

More importantly, access to Facebook has become free, thanks to wireless leader and official Facebook mobile partner Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart). [07 June 2012] Filipinos on Facebook – now over 27 million and the 8 th biggest community in terms of nationality – have another reason to love the massively popular social networking site.

Who is the head of smart in the Philippines?

“We want to encourage more Filipinos to discover the benefits of being online and on Facebook – whether for information, for entertainment, and for simply keeping abreast with the rest of the world,” said Emmanuel Lorenzana, head of the Wireless Consumer Division of Smart.

How to get the gigalife smart internet promo?

To register, open the GigaLife app to login, wait for the popup to appear, and select your desired promo. You can also avail them via USSD; just dial *123# and choose MAGIC DATA or ALL DATA. Smart All Data+ Promos offer open-access data plus unlimited calls and texts to all networks.

Do you have to pay for Facebook on smart?

The free offer is only for access to Facebook, and regular charges will apply when a user clicks on a link to browse photos, videos, news articles or any other content outside of Facebook. Users must also set the Smart site as their mobile browser’s home page to ensure that no charges will apply upon start of browsing.