How can I practice French listening?

How can I practice French listening?

French listening exam techniques

  1. Listen to French music.
  2. Listen to the radio.
  3. Watch TV, movies, series: all kinds of videos.
  4. Participate in public events.
  5. Prioritise the global meaning.
  6. Try to ignore the surrounding sounds.
  7. Get used to different accents, odd voices and tones.
  8. Enrich your vocabulary.

What is the best free website to learn French?


What is the best French pronunciation app?

5 Apps That Build Impeccable French Pronunciation Skills

  • Duolingo. Available: iPhone/iPad | Android | Windows.
  • (How to) Pronounce. Available: iPhone/iPad.
  • Memrise. Available: iPhone/iPad | Android | Windows.
  • Speak & Translate. Available: iPhone/iPad.
  • French Today Audiobook Player. Available: iPhone/iPad | Android | Desktop App.

How can I speak French website?

Websites for Learning French Grammar

  1. Bonjour de France.
  2. Le Point du FLE.
  3. Blagues Carambar.
  4. La Connasse.
  5. Vie de merde.
  6. Se Coucher Moins Bête.
  7. Les Guignols.
  8. Le Canard enchainé

Which is harder French or German?

French is easier. And German is only slightly harder. French is considered a Category 1 Language (easiest) and German is the only Category 2 language. Technically its almost as easy as french, but because of its unique grammar and gender set up, its bumped up to being the only level 2 Difficulty.

Why is spoken French so hard to understand?

The language you speak changes the muscles in your face making it difficult to form sounds that are not natural in your native language. It’s possible that you’re unable to hear the accents of English speakers speaking French because your ears aren’t attuned to the language.

How do you master French speaking?

5 Ways To Improve Your French Speaking Skills

  1. Read out loud. If you’re listening to a lesson and reading along, read out loud.
  2. Prepare things to say ahead of time. As you may know from experience, most learners run out of things to say.
  3. Use shadowing (repeat the dialogues as you hear them).
  4. Review again and again.

How long does it take to learn French fluently?

With full immersion in the French language, you can expect to be relatively fluent in three to six months. Of course, full French immersion can be tough to accomplish, considering the fact that you probably have a full-time life somewhere where French isn’t the language being spoken!

What is the best language learning app?

Best language learning apps

  • Memrise.
  • LinguaLift.
  • Rosetta Stone.
  • Duolingo.
  • HelloTalk.
  • Mindsnacks.
  • Busuu.
  • Babbel.

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