How can we befriend the wind and survive in our struggle for existence?

How can we befriend the wind and survive in our struggle for existence?

How does we make wind our friend? Answer: The poet suggests that we should build strong houses and fix the doors firmly to make friends with the wind. Moreover, we should be strong enough to face the difficulties in life.

Who is the symbol of power and strength?

Similar to the eagle, the lion has served as symbols of power and strength as well as that of monarchs across numerous cultures since time immemorial.

Why is the wind regarded as a symbol of destruction in the poem wind?

Wind is regarded as symbol of distruction in the poem because the wind is capable of breaking the shuters of windows,throwing the books from book shelf and tearing the pages of the book,bringing the distructive rain and storm.

What does the wind signify?

Wind symbolises problems and obstacles that we all face and go through at some point time in our lives . Wind symbolises that problems and obstacles that we all face and go through at some point time in our lives . Wind is compared to a god, who doesn’t do what people want him to to.

What does the wind mean spiritually?

It is the messenger of divine intervention, and it is the vital breath of the universe (Cooper, 192). Wind often represents the fleeting and transient, the elusive and the intangible. In the Bible, God’s ruah (wind, spirit, breath) moved upon the face of the waters (Genesis 1:2).

What does the wind mean in the Bible?

Wind is often a demonstration of God’s awesome power. WIND AS A POSITIVE SYMBOL. Wind in the Bible is also positively connected with God’s breath and his ultimate authority over the world.

What do the wind and fire symbolizes?

Answer. The wind extinguishes the weak fires and makes the strong fires to develop more. The wind is a symbol of challenges and struggles in our life. The wind puts off the weak fires, the challenges and hardships in life will furthur weaken and destroy the people who are not strong enough to face them.

What lesson can we learn from the action of wind on fire?

Explanation: The moral lessons that we learn from the poem is that the poem inspires us to face challenges and hardship with courage, firm determination and grit. The poem Wind is a symbol of problems and obstacles which are to be dealt with without fear.

What does weak fire symbolize?

Here wind signifies the bullies who keep hurting the young ones. And of course the weak fire represent the bullied. If the weak fire turns out to be soaring and big, even the wind can’t do anything. It says that to sustain even biggest of the bullies one must be strong and brave.

What is the effect of wind on strong fires?

Answer: the wind blows away weak fire. whereas the strong wind will make the fire more strong as this wind will increase the power of the fire by increasing oxygen.

What should we do when the wind does not listen to us?

Answer. Answer: When the wind does not listen to us we should be build strong homes, join the doors firmly, practice to firm the body, make the heart steadfast and the wind will be friends with us.

How should the wind come?

Because of the way Earth rotates, solar light rays heat some parts of Earth’s surface more than others. Air at hot spots rises and expands, leaving low pressure beneath it. Air at cold areas cools and falls, creating high pressure. When high-pressure air rushes into a low pressure area, that rush of air is WIND!

What should we do to the wind and why?

Answer: We should make sure that we are mentally and physically healthy. When we stay strong, wind won’t harm us and will become friends with us. The poet even conveys that we must stay strong so that we can withstand the difficult situations and overcome the challenges in life.

What can wind do if it becomes our friend?

What can wind do if it becomes our friend? Ans: Wind can teach us positive qualities just like our good friends do. Its strength can teach us to be tough and determined in difficult times and its force can teach us to face obstacles bravely.

What is the central idea of the poem wind class 9?

The central idea of the poem is that we should be strong in mind and body. The wind will be our friend when we are strong . Actually the wind represents the difficulties and challenges we face in our life.

What do the last four lines mean to you?

What do the last four lines of the poem mean to you? Answer: In the last four lines, the poet inspires us to be determined and face all the hardships or obstacles coming in life courageously. He tells us that the wind can only extinguish the weak fires but intensifies the stronger ones.

What do the first four lines establish answer?

Answer. Answer: Explanation: The First Four Lines Establish the basic premise of the poem: The speaker and his allies are under attack and are going to die, and force opposing them is powerful and vicious.

Why does the poet say wind god winnows?

Ans:-the poet says the wind God winnows because the poet makes fun of the weaklings. The poet says that the wind god winnows the weak crumbling houses, doors, rafters, wood, bodies, lives and hearts, and then crushes them all.

What do you mean by the wind god winnows?

The writer says that the breeze god winnows the feeble and delicate disintegrating houses, wood, entryways, bodies, rafters, lives, and hearts, and afterward pounds them all. Winnowing implies a strategy used to isolate grains from the debris with the assistance of wind.

Why was the wind been called God?

Answer: Wind has been called ‘god’ because, like ‘god’, he uses his power to remove and crush the undesirable, weak things.

What advice does the poet give?

the poet advise that to make frndship and make the heart steadfast. 2. the quality of the wind is as wind acts here as our friend then it bows our weakness or our sadness. wind is taken as animate thing.

What is the literary devices used in the expression the wind god?

Answer: Personification is used in the term wind God .

What does the poet mean by we praise him everyday?

Answer : In the poem “Wind” by Subramaniya Bharti, the poet compares the wind to God and guides us to praise the wind everyday. This is because the wind is like a good friend who makes us strong to fight. The wind stands for hardships and difficulties of life. We should face the problems of life in order to be strong.

How does the poet describe the wind in the poem?

1. The poet describes wind as strong, powerful, aggressive and destructive. The wind is responsible for breaking the shutters of windows, scattering paper, throwing books off the shelf, destroying houses and buildings, crushing weak things, extinguishing weak fires and increasing the intensity of strong fires.

Why should we make the heart steadfast?

Answer : ‘Make the heart steadfast’ actually means to become strong to face challenges of life. In the poem wind, the poet explains about the nature of wind personified as the difficulties of life. Wind in its real form destroys everything that comes in its way, similarly life challenges make us depressed.