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How did Mike die in tangerine?

How did Mike die in tangerine?

In Tangerine, Mike Costello is killed by a lightning strike while at football practice.

How did Erik and Arthur react to Mike’s death?

How do Erik and Arthur react to Mike’s death? Erik and Arthur were happy and benefiting his death. They were also laughing and making fun of Mike.

What does the sinkhole symbolize in this story?

The sinkhole in Paul’s life represented how he felt his life has been a lie and he finally discovers the truth and now everything falls and he felt the pressure off his chest. The termites represent how he felt like he was being eaten away on the inside but looked perfectly fine on the outside.

What damage did the sinkhole cause in tangerine?

The sinkhole destroyed the outside pods where his classes were, and his schedule would be greatly changed if he were to stay at Lake Windsor. The plan was to have different grades go to school at different hours to save space, because the outside was destroyed. Paul did go to Tangerine middle with his friend Joey.

What does fighting the freeze mean in tangerine?

Paul feels the need to help Louis and Tino save their tangerine trees. When Paul gets there, he sees the trees have been frozen by the family. Wayne explains that the water spray freezes and keeps the trees at 32 degrees: it is 31 degrees that kills the tree.

What does mom do to Erik Every night at dinner?

I don’t hear you. What does Mom do to Erik every night at dinner? talks about his friends.

How does Arthur benefit from Mike’s death?

How does Arthur benefit from Mike’s death? Arthur benefits Mike’s death because he will have a better opportunity in football and finally be apart of the Erik Football Dream. How does Paul say he will feel if Erik were to die? Paul says he will feel relieved, but sorry if Erik had died.

How does Paul’s dad get promoted in tangerine?

How does Paul’s dad get promoted? The civil engineer, Charley Burns, was taking bribes and not doing any research on the land before construction. When he is fired, Paul’s dad get promoted to the job.

What job did Paul’s dad get?

Paul and Erik’s father. He drives a Range Rover. He is the Deputy Director of the Civil Engineering Department of Tangerine County. During the story, he becomes its Director.

What is Joey’s relationship with Mike in tangerine?

Mike and Joey are brothers, and have a relationship that is a complete contrast to Erik and Paul. Mike is a role-model to his younger brother, showing compassion and brotherly love, a natural foil to the sadistic Erik.