How do I contact Kaiser Permanente administration?

How do I contact Kaiser Permanente administration?

Member Services

  1. California. 1-800-464-4000 (toll free) or 711 TTY. 1-800-788-0616 (Spanish)
  2. Colorado. 303-338-3800 or TTY 711. 1-800-632-9700 (toll free) or TTY 711.
  3. District of Columbia / Maryland / Virginia. D.C. Metro area. 301-468-6000.
  4. Georgia. 888-865-5813.
  5. Hawaii. In Oahu.
  6. Oregon / Southwest Washington. Portland.

Who is the president of Kaiser Permanente?

Julie Miller-Phipps is president of Kaiser Permanente Southern California and Hawaii Health Plan and Hospitals.

What is Greg Adams salary?

As one of Kaiser’s top executives, he has historically been one of the highest-paid health care leaders in the Bay Area, earning nearly $6.6 million in total compensation last year.

How do I speak to a representative at Kaiser?

To connect with the care you need, talk to your doctor or call us 24/7 at 1-833-574-2273 (TTY 711). For appointments that don’t need a referral, you can schedule online or use the Kaiser Permanente app.

How do I file a complaint with Kaiser Permanente?

If you prefer, you may file a grievance online at, in person at your local Member Service office, or by phone by calling 1-800-464-4000.

Who runs Kaiser?

Bernard J. Tyson
Kaiser Permanente is led by Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson. Kaiser Permanente has an annual operating revenue in excess of $50 billion.

Who is the CFO of Kaiser?

Kathy Lancaster
Kathy Lancaster is executive vice president and chief financial officer for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Hospitals.

What is Kaiser group number?

Contact Kaiser Permanente Group Number: 888 (Northern California); 231003 (Southern California)

Where do I send my Kaiser claim?

HMO/DHMO/Senior Advantage Products

Benefits and eligibility 800-464-4000
Claims filing requirements and status 800-390-3510
EDI (Electronic claims submission) [email protected]
Claims submission address Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
Claims Administration Department P.O. Box 7004 Downey, CA 90242-7004

How much do Kaiser Permanente executives make?

The average Kaiser Permanente executive compensation is $230,162 a year. The median estimated compensation for executives at Kaiser Permanente including base salary and bonus is $221,408, or $106 per hour.

Who is the CFO of Kaiser Permanente?

Kathy Lancaster is executive vice president and chief financial officer for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Hospitals.

Why I joined Kaiser Permanete?

Five innovative reasons in one: award-winning care, extensive research, groundbreaking technology, environmental stewardship, and innovation centers that are shaping the future of clinical practices and policy. We are happy. CareerBliss lists Kaiser Permanente as one of 2019’s 50 Happiest Companies in America!

What services does Kaiser Permanente provide?

Kaiser Permanente provides options for members to access complementary and alternative care and manipulative therapy services, otherwise known as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). These services include acupuncture, naturopathy, massage therapy, and manipulative therapy services provided by chiropractors.

Where does Kaiser Permanente operate?

As of 2017, Kaiser Permanente operates in eight states (Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia) and the District of Columbia, and is the largest managed care organization in the United States.

Did Kaiser Permanente thrive?

March 12, 2019. “Thrive ,” the ubiquitous motto of Kaiser Permanente – one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plans – has now become the ironic symbol of a corporation that has lost its way. The Kaiser Permanente I worked at for 30 years was a welcome member of the community, providing cost-effective healthcare, creating good jobs, and forming the largest and most-effective labor-management partnership in America.