How do I delete a circular doubly linked list?

How do I delete a circular doubly linked list?

Deleting all nodes of a circular doubly linked list requires traverse through the list and deleting each node one by one. It requires creating a current node pointing to the next of head. Delete the current node and move to the next node using temp node. Repeat the process till the current node becomes head.

How the last node of a circular doubly linked list will be deleted?

make the previous pointer of the head node, point to the previous node of temp. Now, free the temp pointer to free the memory taken by the node. in this way, the last node of the list is deleted.

How do you delete a circular linked list?

Deletion from a Circular Linked List

  1. If the list is not empty then we define two pointers curr and prev and initialize the pointer curr with the head node.
  2. Traverse the list using curr to find the node to be deleted and before moving to curr to the next node, every time set prev = curr.

What is the time complexity of deleting a node from a doubly linked circular list?

In order to delete a node and connect the previous and the next node together, you need to know their pointers. In a doubly-linked list, both pointers are available in the node that is to be deleted. The time complexity is constant in this case, i.e., O(1).

What is circular doubly linked list?

Circular doubly linked list is a more complexed type of data structure in which a node contain pointers to its previous node as well as the next node. Circular doubly linked list doesn’t contain NULL in any of the node. The last node of the list contains the address of the first node of the list.

How many null pointers exist in a circular doubly linked list?

2 NULL pointers
A circular doubly linked list contains 2 NULL pointers. The ‘Next’ of the last node points to the first node in a doubly-linked list.

What are the cases of deletion of a node from circular linked list?

There are three cases in of deleting a node in circular linked list….Algorithm

  • Repeat Steps 4 and 5 while PTR -> NEXT != HEAD.
  • SET PTR = PTR -> NEXT.

What is the space complexity for deleting a linked list?

What is the space complexity for deleting a linked list? Explanation: You need a temp variable to keep track of current node, hence the space complexity is O(1).

What is the advantage of using circular doubly linked list over doubly linked list?

It saves time when we have to go to the first node from the last node. It can be done in single step because there is no need to traverse the in between nodes. But in double linked list, we will have to go through in between nodes.

Is doubly linked list circular?