How do I get an idea for a fantasy novel?

How do I get an idea for a fantasy novel?

Here’s what they said.

  1. Identify your market.
  2. Develop your world through short stories.
  3. Plot out your story before you begin.
  4. Tie your worldbuilding into your plot.
  5. Keep your story relevant through real-world themes.
  6. Use all five of your senses.
  7. Give your world internal rules.
  8. But don’t go breaking your own rules.

What fantasy series should I read next?

What Book Should I Read Next? Pick Your Next Fantasy Flowchart

  • The Classic Epic Fantasy: The Lord of the Rings.
  • The Easy Read Classic: His Dark Materials.
  • The Shannara Series: A Bit of a Hidden Icon.
  • The Legend of Grimdark: The First Law Trilogy.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: The Modern Classic.
  • The New Game of Thrones?
  • Six of Crows: Short But Sweet Epic.
  • The Poppy War: A New Classic?

Who are the best fantasy authors?

16 of the Best Fantasy Authors Ever

  • George R. R. Martin.
  • Seanan McGuire.
  • Brandon Sanderson.
  • Patrick Rothfuss.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • Nnedi Okorafor.
  • Andrzej Sapkowski.
  • Robin Hobb.

How do you name a fantasy series?

How to Choose an Unforgettable Title for Your Fantasy Novel

  1. key character names (Frankenstein), descriptions (The Time Travellers Wife) or titles (Prince of Nothing)
  2. significant locations – specific (City of Bones), or descriptive (Dune)
  3. major events (The Hunger Games)
  4. timespan (1984, The Wheel of Time)

How do I choose a good book title?

Here’s how to come up with book title ideas:

  1. Use a book title generator tool.
  2. Write down the problem you’re solving.
  3. Create a subtitle to clarify.
  4. Make it memorable.
  5. Make sure it’s genre-appropriate.
  6. Create it to stir intrigue.
  7. Include your character in the title.
  8. Get feedback from your target audience.

What are some good story titles?


  • Ok.So here are a bunch of random names I come up with all the time and can’t possibly do anything with them. Hope you find them useful :-D.
  • Colors.
  • Tell me no lies.
  • Silent whispers.
  • Poisoned love.
  • The Scarlet Minute.
  • Wild Berries.
  • That’s what I like.

How do I name my story?

Think about main incidents of the story & use it as a clue for the title. Think of an extremely important event in your story and think of a word that describes the event perfectly, (look up some words if needed, or use a thesaurus). You can also name it after something in your book, such as a magic toy in the book.

What should I name my horror movie?

Title Ideas for Horror Movies

Head Choppers Croc Party Cadaver Family
Double Guts The Freak Scene Revenant Devil
Doom Switch Right Through the Window Headless
Frenzy How to Get Rid of the Survivors Fairy Children of Toledo
Lollipop Tip of the Spear Murder Noob

What is a scary name?

Spooky Names

  • Arachna. Spider Woman.
  • Banshee. Screaming Spirit.
  • Barnabas. First name of vampire from TV show (soon to be movie) “Dark Shadows”
  • Beelzebub. Another name for Devil.
  • Betelgeuse. Scary spirit – don’t say it 3 times!
  • Blair. From the movie The Blair Witch Project.
  • Bloody Mary. Ghost Legend.
  • Blackbeard. Pirate Ghost.

How do I choose a movie title?

Take care when picking a screenplay title. As a screenwriter, you’re a connoisseur of words and so whatever title you pick should reflect this. It should give a taste of the conflict, genre and essence of the story the reader will find in the script. It should also ideally display a sense of your way with words.

What is a good Creepypasta name?

creepypasta names

  • Avaline the demon. Demon soul. Shadow slender. Dark rose. Dahlia the choker.
  • Raven the hell ghost. Lady in balck. Man in red. Slender kat. Demon queen.
  • Slender wolf. Leilah the shadow. Slender children/child. Slender cat.
  • Dessie the killer. Drake the soul talker. Sally rose. Demon seer.
  • Chloe the demon hunter. Hunter. Chaser. Stalker.

What are the names of the Creepypasta?

List of creepypastas

  • Slender Man. Main article: Slender Man.
  • Abandoned by Disney. Abandoned by Disney is a creepypasta about a man exploring an abandoned Disney resort, named Mowgli’s Palace.
  • Jeff the Killer. An image of Jeff the Killer.
  • Ted the Caver.
  • Penpal.
  • The Russian Sleep Experiment.
  • 1999.
  • The Ayuwoki.

Who is eyeless Jack?

Eyeless Jack is the titular main antagonist of the Creepypasta of the same name. He is an enigmatic stalker and killer who breaks into the protagonists’ home to torment and steal from them.

Who is eyeless Jack’s girlfriend?

Ashley and Nails

Who killed Eyeless Jack?

Eyeless Jack
Species Wight Human (formerly)
Status Deceased (killed by Ariel) Soul exists in Purgatory
Affiliation: Wights The Operator
Portrayed by: Asa Butterfield

Is Eyeless Jack Blind?

Eyeless Jack Is NOT Blind!

Does Eyeless Jack have a movie?

Eyeless Jack’s movie is a fan of 0 euro badge film based on Eyeless Jack’s creepypasta.

How do you survive Eyeless Jack?

eyeless jack

  1. Advice#1: Do not open your window for him. What you trying to do, offer him a kidney with love me on it.
  2. Advice#2: do not take his scalpel. You will be a damn fool, if you do it.
  3. Advice#3: do not throw away his kidneys.
  4. Advice#4: do not go anywhere he is at.
  5. Advice#5: do not mess with his mask.

Is Jeff the killer a proxy?

Jeff is rarely, if ever, depicted as Slender Man’s proxy. Fanfiction does exist painting Jeff as some kind of super-proxy that escaped Slender Man’s grasp, however the fanworks usually outright state that Jeff is not a proxy and is too insane to be controlled by Slender Man.

Who is slenderman’s proxies?

List of Proxies

  • The Observer (TribeTwelve)
  • Firebrand (TribeTwelve, formerly)
  • DeadHead (TribeTwelve)
  • Cursor (TribeTwelve)
  • Swain (TribeTwelve)
  • Persolus (TribeTwelve)
  • Mr.Scars (TribeTwelve, formerly)
  • Vince (Proxy)

How old is Jeff the Killer 2020?

15 years old

How old is Jeff the killer now?

However, Jeff is still young, being 13 in the original story, and possibly 20 or a couple years older as of now, making it easy to apprehend him and kill him.

Is Jeff the killer immortal?

After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, Jeff got his wish and became immortal. Jeff continued his murders until one day the police finally apprehended him. He was sentence to death row to be executed by a gas chamber, but Jeff survived and killed all the remaining officers.

Who is older homicidal Liu or Jeff the killer?

Homicidal Liu (real name Liu Woods) was Jeffery Woods’s older brother. He had done his best to protect Jeff, but it didn’t work after the bullies had set his brother on fire and Jeff went insane and killed their whole family.

Is there a Jeff the killer movie?

Jeff The Killer is a upcoming American supernatural slasher horror film going to be directed by James Wan, and written by Leigh Whannell, Gary Dauberman, Don Mancini, and James Vanderbilt, based on the character of the same name.